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BISCHOFF Rainer RainerBischoff at kuka-roboter.de
Tue Sep 7 10:32:37 PDT 2010

KUKA youBot: mobile manipulation on your desk

Mobile manipulation is more and more considered a key technology in
service robotics. Many potential service robotics applications in
industrial as well as in domestic settings involve not only mobility,
but also manipulation. Not surprisingly the research community is paying
increasing attention to this topic. A Mobile Manipulation challenge was
organized during ICRA 2010 in Anchorage by Willow Garage, and an IEEE
Technical Committee on Mobile Manipulation was established at the same

Now a big industrial player has thrown its hat in the ring. KUKA has
developed a mobile manipulator for education and research that could
become instrumental for promoting and accelerating research in mobile
manipulation. The robot is called "youBot" and has the weight and size
to fit on a regular desktop although this is not intended to be the
primary work space.

Unveiled for the first time in June 2010 at the robotics industry's main
exhibition "Automatica", the KUKA youBot consists of a mobile base with
four KUKA omniWheels allowing smooth holonomic motions and a 5-DOF
lightweight arm with a two-finger gripper. And most important for the
research community: the platform is fully open. Each axis of the system
can be accessed over a real-time EtherCAT bus via an open protocol. An
open source software repository and open teaching material is expected
to become available soon. More information on the KUKA youBot is
available on www.youbot-store.com.


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