[robotics-worldwide] Call for papers: HSCC 2011

Radu Grosu grosu at cs.stonybrook.edu
Thu Sep 9 04:02:41 PDT 2010

               [Apologies for multiple copies of this CFP]

                           CALL FOR PAPERS
                              HSCC 2011
                    14th International Conference 
               April 12-14, 2011, Chicago, Illinois, USA

                       In conjunction with CPS Week

Aims and Scope:

    HSCC is recognized internationally as the leading conference
    dedicated to the theory and practice of embedded reactive systems
    involving the interplay between discrete and continuous dynamic
    behaviors. Academic and industrial researchers are invited to
    exchange information on the latest development of applications and
    theoretical advancements in the analysis, design, control,
    optimization and implementation of hybrid systems.

Topics of interest:

    Submissions are invited in all areas pertaining to the analysis,
    design, control, optimization, implementation, and applications of
    hybrid dynamical systems. Topics of interest include:

      - Models of heterogeneous systems
      - Computability and complexity issues
      - Real-time computing and control
      - Embedded and resource-aware control
      - Computation and control over wireless networks
      - Mobile robotic networks
      - Tools for analysis, verification, control, and design
      - Programming languages support and implementation 
      - Applications, including automotive, communication networks,
        avionics, energy systems, transportation networks, biology and
        other sciences,manufacturing and robotics.

Paper submissions categories:

       - Regular papers. Submissions, not exceeding ten (10) pages in
         2-column ACM format, should contain original research, and
         sufficient detail to assess the merits and relevance of the
         contribution.  For papers reporting experimental results,
         authors are strongly encouraged to make their data available
         with their submission. Submissions reporting on case studies in
         an industrial context are strongly invited, and should describe
         details, weaknesses and strength in sufficient depth.

       - Tool presentations. Submissions, not exceeding two (2) pages in
         2-column ACM format, should describe the implemented tool and
         its novel features. A demonstration is expected to accompany a
         tool presentation at the larger CPSWEEK demo session.

    Simultaneous submission to other conferences with proceedings or
    submission of material that has already been published elsewhere is
    not allowed.  The proceedings of accepted papers will be published
    by ACM. Instructions for submission can be found at:

Important Dates:

    Submission deadline:  October 10
    Author notification:  November 30
    Final version:  January 9

Invited Speaker:

    George Pappas, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Program Chairs:

    Emilio Frazzoli, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
    Radu Grosu, State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA

Steering Committee:

    Rajeev Alur, University of Pennsylvania, USA
    Bruce Krogh, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    Oded Maler, VERIMAG, France
    Manfred Morari, ETH, Switzerland
    George Pappas, University of Pennsylvania, USA
    Werner Damm, OFFIS, Germany

Program Committee:

    Aaron Ames, Texas A&M, USA
    Panos Antsaklis, University of Notre Dame, USA
    Eugene Asarin, University Paris 7, France
    Ezio Bartocci, State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA
    Calin Belta, Boston University, USA
    Antonio Bicchi, Università di Pisa, Italy
    Francesco Borrelli, University of California at Berkeley , USA
    Manfred Broy, University of Munich , Germany
    Rance Cleaveland, University of Maryland , USA
    Patrick Cousot, New York University , USA
    Thao Dang, French National Center for Scientific Research , France
    Domitilla Del Vecchio, Massachusetts Institute of Technology , USA
    Stefano Di Cairano, Ford Motor Company, USA
    Geir Dullerud, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
    Magnus Egerstedt, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
    Antoine Girard, Université Joseph Fourier, France
    Holger Hermanns, University of Saarland, Germany
    Klaus Havelund, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
    Franjo Ivancic, NEC Laboratories, USA
    T. John Koo, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
    Kim Larsen, University of Aalborg, Denmark
    Hai Lin, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    Jan Lunze, Ruhr-University, Bochum, Germany
    Nancy A. Lynch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
    Rupak Majumdar, University of California at Berkeley, USA
    Alexandre Megretski, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
    Bud Mishra, New York University, USA
    Sayan Mitra, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA
    Carla Piazza, Università degli Studi di Udine, Italy
    André Platzer, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
    Jean-Francois Raskin, University Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
    Jan Rutten, CWI, Netherlands
    Ricardo G. Sanfelice, University of Arizona, USA
    Thomas Stauner, BMW, Germany
    Danielle C. Tarraf, The Johns Hopkins University, USA
    Ashish Tiwari, SRI International, USA
    Stavros Tripakis, Cadence Labs, USA

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