[robotics-worldwide] Two Post-doc openings in the Biorobotics Lab in the Robotics Institute

Howie Choset choset at cs.cmu.edu
Wed Sep 22 06:07:42 PDT 2010


Two post-doc positions are available in the Biorobotics Lab in the 
Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon. For both positions, we are 
seeking a motivated independent thinker with both a technical background 
in control theory, dynamic systems, and path planning, as well as 
experience in designing and constructing mechanisms. For both positions, 
the candidate should expect to work with graduate students, 
undergraduates and staff in the Biorobotics Lab (biorobotics.org). The 
positions are available immediately. The specifics are

1. Medical Robotics

Design mechanism and control algorithms for small surgical robots for 
minimally invasive surgery. Experience working in-vivo on live animals 
is not required, but would be beneficial. The candidate will conduct 
research  at Carnegie Mellon, at a local hospital, and perhaps in 
Boston/Cambridge area. The candidate will also work with students 
developing simultaneous localization and mapping algorithms for these 
robots inside the body.

2. Locomotion of Articulated Robots

Further the state of the art in locomotion, path planning, and 
estimation theory for articulated mobile
robots, implement new concepts on existing robots for future field 
deployments, and 3) conduct experiments both in the lab and outside in 
the field.

To apply, please send CV, three letters of recommendation,  links to at 
most three relevant publications, and a short statement of interest to

Howie Choset, choset at cs.cmu.edu

Also, include in the email a time at which you will become  available. 
This position can open immediately.

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