[robotics-worldwide] PhD Position active vision and sensor based control

Youcef Mezouar mezouar at univ-bpclermont.fr
Wed Sep 29 02:36:16 PDT 2010

PhD Position in the LASMEA Lab at Blaise Pascal University 
(Clermont-Ferrand, France)

We are seeking a motivated Phd to conduct research in the fields of 
active vision and sensor based control. The topics of this phD include 
3D active sensing, sensor reconfiguration and recalibration, automatic 
sensor placement, and 3D reconstruction.

This position can open immediately.


Good mathematical background
basic knowledge on computer vision, control and robotics
Programming (C++, Matlab).

To apply, please send CV, the Master results, a statement of interest to

Youcef MEZOUAR: Youcef.Mezouar at lasmea.univ-bpclermont.fr, Tel# +(33) 
(0)4 73 40 75 89.
Home page: http://gravir.univ-bpclermont.fr/personnel/Youcef.Mezouar/

More details about the PhD subject:

The first task will consist in designing a specific embedded system for 
the perception and tracking of local deformations in non-rigid objects. 
In this way, a structured light system coupled to a customsmart camera 
will be used. The main objective will be then to increase the 
flexibilities of the perception system by controlling the available dofs 
to improve  its accuracy and robustness. The perception capabilities of 
the system can be dynamically impacted by changing both its internal 
state (relative position between structured light and camera, focus ...) 
and its external state (spatial position of the whole system). For 
example, potential occlusion of the deformable surface can be avoided by 
positioning adequately the sensor apparatus. In addition, the camera 
systems or the processing accuracy can be managed (increased or 
decreased to manage the computational cost) by modifying the internal 
state of the perception system. Sensor‐based control laws acting on the 
internal/external states of the perception system will be used to fit 
this goal.

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