[robotics-worldwide] IEEE SMC 2011 - deadline extended: APRIL 15th

Edward Tunstel tunstel at ieee.org
Sun Apr 3 15:46:32 PDT 2011

Dear Colleagues,

IEEE SMC 2011 continues to welcome paper submissions until APRIL 15, 2011.


The conference theme is "Cyber-Physical Systems and Society" and the
following robotics highlights apply.

Special Sessions on Robotics
Organized by the IEEE SMC Society Technical Committee on Robotics and
Intelligent Sensing. Encouraged topics: Haptics, Fault Tolerant
Manipulation, Visual Servoing, 3D Ranging, Robot Vision, Mobile
Robotics, Walking Robots, Cyber-Physical Robot Systems.

Special Session on Medical and Health Care Robots
End-to-end applications, systems, and technologies, including
prototypes. Especially encouraged topics: Medical robots and systems
for Surgery, Health care & support, Rehabilitation and Nursing as well
as Power-assist robots, Tele-diagnosis systems, Artificial limbs, and
Brain machine interfaces.

Special Session on Shared Control
Intelligent systems that continuously share control authority with a
human controller, including both input-mixing and haptic shared
control. Example topics: Haptics and Teleoperation; Adjustable
Autonomy; Assistive Technology; Brain-Machine Interface Systems; Human
Centered Design; Human-Machine System Design; Intelligent Vehicle

Regular Session Papers on Robotics
Topics on Robotic & Autonomous Systems, Human-Robot Interaction, and
Social Robotics.

3rd Annual Workshop on Brain-Machine Interfaces (LATER DEADLINE of JUNE 1, 2011)
Co-sponsored jointly by the IEEE SMC Society, IEEE CAS Society, and
IEEE EMB Society with theme: "Problems and Solutions in Building
Real-World BMI Systems."  Authors NEED NOT BE EXPERTS IN BMI itself,
but experts in systems engineering, human-machine systems, emerging
cybernetics, and/or circuits and systems areas that can be, or are
needed to be, applied to practical BMI system implementations.

Plenary/Keynote Speakers
- Prof. Thomas C. Henderson, University of Utah / NSF
 "Innate Theories in Cognitive Agents: The Symmetry Engine"

- Prof. Jose del R. Millan, EPFL
 "Brain-Robot Interaction"

- Dr. Robert Ambrose, NASA JSC
 "Humans & Humanoids"

- Prof. Sukhan Lee, Sungkyunkwan University
  "Cognitive Recognition and the HomeMate Robot"

We look forward to receiving all submissions on robotics and related
SMC theory and applications to further enhance the technical program.


 Eddie Tunstel, Ph.D.
 General Chair, IEEE SMC 2011

 Saeid Nahavandi, Ph.D.
 General Co-Chair, IEEE SMC 2011

 Adrian Stoica, Ph.D.
 Program Chair, IEEE SMC 2011

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