[robotics-worldwide] Announcing the Robot Engineering Task Force

Geoffrey Biggs geoffrey.biggs at aist.go.jp
Tue Apr 5 16:12:28 PDT 2011

Announcing the Robot Engineering Task Force

The RETF is a group of robotics engineers and scientists who have
come together with the goal of increasing interaction between varied
robot software and hardware projects. We aim for interoperability,
compatibility and, most importantly, consensus in the community. We care
about interoperability and comparability in building advanced robotic
systems. Interoperability is crucial to re-use great tools, while
comparability is key to determine which part of a system makes it a success.

Unlike the many other efforts that have taken place over the years, the
RETF does not aim to produce standards. Instead, our goal is to bring
people with similar solutions together so they can integrate their
solutions for interoperability and document those solutions in Robotics
Requests For Comments (RRFCs), disseminating their technical expertise
to the wider community through a shared reference.

We are also considering several other avenues where the community can be
assisted on a technical level, including supporting robot challenge
efforts around the world, and assisting with interoperability testing.

As is probably obvious, we are inspired by the style of the Internet
Engineering Task Force (IETF) and its unofficial mantra: rough consensus
and working code. The IETF's processes have worked well in creating the
vast communications infrastructure of the Internet. We hope to replicate
its success in robotics.

The RETF is by robotics engineers, for robotics engineers, so anybody is
welcome to participate! Just join the mailing list:


Further details of the RRFC process are available in RRFC 1:


Other useful links:

"On RRFCs and Standards" (https://retf.info/on_rrfcs_and_standards)
"Submitting a new RRFC" (https://retf.info/submitting_a_new_rrfc)
"RRFC 1: The Robotics Request For Comment Process"
"Internet Engineering Task Force" (http://www.ietf.org/)

We hope you will join us and contribute your technical expertise for the
benefit of the community.

Geoffrey Biggs and Ingo Lütkebohle,
on behalf of all existing members of the RETF

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