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RAS Standards Meeting
Monday, May 9, 2011 0830-1700 (no registration required)
Venue: 3J - Shanghai International Conference Center, Shanghai

Standards are crucial for driving industry innovation and technology 
transfer. Benchmarking and standardization are vital to the development 
of robotic and automation systems in already established application 
areas, and are critical to wider (including societal) acceptance of 
emerging technologies. It is widely accepted within the robotics and 
automation community that leaving emerging robotic technologies to 
proliferate in an unguided direction comes with a high price: 
synergistic opportunities remain unrealized, lack of cohesion in the 
community hinders the progress in many domains such as manufacturing, 
service, healthcare, and security, to name a few.

The Standing Committee for Standards Activities (SCSA) under the 
Industrial Activities Board (IAB) of the IEEE Robotics and Automation 
Society (RAS) is working together with the research and industrial 
communities and other Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) to help 
develop standards for robotics and automation. The scope of the 
activities of the IEEE RAS-SCSA is to formally adopt and confirm best 
practices in robotics and automation as standards.
Two Study Groups (SGs) have been formed and are currently seeking 
interested participants to partake in discussions to shape the direction 
of the standardization efforts. The outcome of these two study groups 
will lead to a project authorization request (PAR) which will initiate a 
standardization process within the IEEE Standards Association. Below is 
a brief description of the SGs as noted in the Call for Participation 
that was sent out to all RAS members in early February 2011.

A full-day meeting on May 9th is being planned. The AM session will 
focus on providing an overview of standardization efforts being carried 
out by various SDOs and countries across the globe. The PM session will 
focus on RAS SG efforts with discussions among participants leading 
towards the formation of a Working Group and the development of the 
aforementioned PAR document.

We hope you will be able to attend and contribute to these efforts.

Raj Madhavan, Ph.D.
Chair, Standing Committee for Standards Activities (SCSA)
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
raj.madhavan at ieee.org

Map Data Representation and Fundamental Data Types
This Study Group aims to develop a consensus on the needs for common 
representation for robot map data, including metric, topological, and 
semantic maps. The Study Group will investigate the potential for 
standardizing fundamental data types for mapping and study existing map 
data representations from other SDOs including the OGC (Open Geospatial 
Consortium) and the ISO. As part of its work, it will determine how 
detailed the standardized data types used in map representation need to 
be. The study group will set up a long-term roadmap for developing 
specifications for map data representation and discuss how to represent, 
encode, and exchange map data for robot navigation. The leads for this 
Study Group are Wonpil Yu (Electronics and Telecommunications Research 
Institute, Korea) and Geoffrey Biggs (National Institute of Advanced 
Industrial Science and Technology, Japan).

Glossary/Ontology for Robotics and Automation
The objective of this Study Group is to identify, develop, and document 
salient terms and their definition so that they can serve as a common 
reference for the robotics and automation community. A core issue that 
will be addressed as part of this effort is how to represent the 
definition of the terms. Unlike previous efforts which have attempted to 
perform similar activities in more specific domains, this study group 
will take a more all-encompassing approach, focusing on terms that 
relate not only to the more traditional mobile robotics domain (e.g., 
service robotics, healthcare robotics, military robotics) but extending 
it into the automation field which could include terms related to 
domains such as automated manufacturing shop floor. The exact scope of 
this effort and the domains that will be addressed will be one of the 
first orders of business of this study group. The leads for this Study 
Group are Craig Schlenoff and Hui-Min Huang (National Institute of 
Standards and Technology, USA).

AGENDADate: May 9 (Monday)
Venue: 3J - Shanghai International Conference Center, Shanghai

AM SESSION (08:30-10:30 & 11:00-12:00)
* Trends of Ubiquitous Network Robot Standardization Activities (Miwako
Doi, Toshiba Corp.)
* Revision of Vocabulary Standard ISO 8373 at ISO TC 184/SC 2(Robots and
Robotic devices) (Seungbin Moon, Sejong University)
* Robot Interaction Service Framework and its Implementation to a
Companion Robot (Youngjo Cho, ETRI)
* RAS-SCSA Status Update (Raj Madhavan, UMD/NIST) [including
Glossary/Ontology for Robotics and Automation Study Group (Craig
Schlenoff & Hui-Min Huang)]

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

* IEEE-SA Standards Development: PAR Submittal and Working Group
Formation (Jennie Steinhagen, IEEE-SA & Ning Hua, Director, IEEE China 
* Recap & Setting the stage for the PM Session

12:00-14:00 Lunch

PM SESSION (14:00-15:30 & 16:00-17:00)
* RAS-SCSA SG Presentations & Discussions
- Map Data Representation & Fundamental Data Types (Wonpil Yu, ETRI &
Geoff Biggs, AIST)
- SG Discussions & PAR Suggestions

Raj Madhavan, Ph.D.
Chair, Standards Committee & Assoc. VP, Industrial Activities Board
IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

Tel: (301) 975-2865 Fax: (301) 990-9688
Email: madhavan.ieeeras at gmail.com

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