[robotics-worldwide] Call for Papers: Autonomous Robots Special Issue on Micro-UAV Perception and Control

Nathan Michael nmichael at seas.upenn.edu
Tue Apr 19 18:46:24 PDT 2011

Second Call for Papers:  Autonomous Robots Special Issue on Micro-UAV Perception and Control
Deadline: July 15, 2011

Research and interest in the area of aerial robotics continues to grow
as technology improves and the applicability of these systems becomes
increasingly evident. Aerial robots offer mobility and sensing
capabilities unavailable to ground robots and for this reason make
them suitable for applications such as persistent surveillance,
exploration, search and rescue, and transport/delivery of payloads in
complex three-dimensional environments. Many challenges still exist in
this area primarily due to vehicle dynamics and payload limitations.

The purpose of this special issue of Autonomous Robots is to
disseminate recent research in the areas of control and estimation for
aerial vehicles both in theory and experiments. A particular emphasis
will be placed on addressing the challenges noted above. This special
issue follows a workshop at the IEEE International Conference on
Robotics and Automation (ICRA2011) with a similar theme. With this in
mind, we invite original, high-quality research papers addressing one
or more of the topics below:

• vision-based control and estimation;
• design of processors, sensors and algorithms for size, weight and payload constraints;
• motion planning and control;
• modeling and benchmarking of performance for three-dimensional navigation;
• cooperative estimation and control with aerial vehicles.

Please see the following link for the official Springer CFP:

Nathan Michael
University of Pennsylvania
GRASP Laboratory
nmichael at grasp.upenn.edu

Davide Scaramuzza
University of Pennsylvania
GRASP Laboratory
sdavide at grasp.upenn.edu

Vijay Kumar
University of Pennsylvania
GRASP Laboratory
kumar at grasp.upenn.edu

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