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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics
Volume 25, Number 6-7, 2011
Regular Issues

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Table of Contents

Software Tool to Compute, Analyze and Visualize Workspaces of
Parallel Kinematics Robots
pp. 675-698(24)
Authors: Macho, E.; Pinto, C.; Amezua, E.; Hernandez, A.

Design and Application of a Wire-Driven Bidirectional Telescopic
Mechanism for Workspace Expansion with a Focus on Shipbuilding Tasks
pp. 699-715(17)
Authors: Lee, Donghun; Chang, Doyoung; Shin, Young-Il; Son, Donghoon;
Kim, Tae-Wan; Lee, Kyu-Yeul; Kim, Jongwon

Practical Point-to-Point Multiple-Goal Task Realization in a Robot
Arm with a Rotating Table
pp. 717-738(22)
Authors: Gueta, Lounell B.; Chiba, Ryosuke; Arai, Tamio; Ueyama,
Tsuyoshi; Ota, Jun

Decentralized Traffic Control for Non-Holonomic Flexible Automated
Guided Vehicles in Industrial Environments
pp. 739-763(25)
Authors: Herrero-Perez, D.; Martinez-Barbera, H.

A Robust Solution to the Stereo-Vision-Based Simultaneous
Localization and Mapping Problem with Steady and Moving Landmarks
pp. 765-788(24)
Authors: Pathirana, Pubudu N.; Savkinb, Andrey V.; Ekanayake, Samitha
W.; Bauer, Nicholas J.

Kinematic Discussion and Development of a Multi-Legged Planetary
Exploration Rover with an Isotropic Leg Arrangement
pp. 789-804(16) Authors: Nishikori, Shinji; Hokamoto, Shinji; Kubota,

Wrist Camera-Based Vibration Suppression Control for a Flexible
pp. 805-823(19)
Authors: Jiang, Xin; Konno, Atsushi; Uchiyama, Masaru

Learning, Generation and Recognition of Motions by Reference-Point-
Dependent Probabilistic Models
pp. 825-848(24)
Authors: Sugiura, Komei; Iwahashi, Naoto; Kashioka, Hideki; Nakamura,

Robot Motion Planning in Dynamic Uncertain Environments
pp. 849-870(22)
Authors: Chung, Shu-Yun; Huang, Han-Pang

Primitive-Based Action Representation and Recognition
pp. 871-891(21)
Authors: Sanmohan,; Krueger, Volker; Kragic, Danica; Kjellstroem,

Visual Odometry for a Hopping Rover on an Asteroid Surface using
Multiple Monocular Cameras
pp. 893-921(29)
Authors: So, Edmond Wai Yan; Yoshimitsu, Tetsuo; Kubota, Takashi

Application of Localization Based on the DC Magnetic Field that
Occurs in the Environment on Wheel-Type Mobile Agricultural Robots
pp. 923-939(17)
Authors: Rahok, Sam Ann; Ozaki, Koichi

A Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Algorithm in Complex
Environments: SLASEM
pp. 941-962(22)
Authors: Sun, Rongchuan; Ma, Shugen; Li, Bin; Wang, Minghui; Wang,

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