[robotics-worldwide] Postdoctoral/PhD Positions in Fast, Accurate, Physics Engines

jeff trinkle trink at cs.rpi.edu
Fri Aug 12 02:11:41 PDT 2011

Postdoctoral/PhD Positions in Fast, Accurate, Physics Engines:
Computer Science Robotics Lab at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY

I am anticipating several openings in my lab for postdocs and PhD
students to develop an accurate physics engine that can leverage
multi-core CPUs and GPUs.  We will build on our past work on the
physics engine dVC3d (http://www.cs.rpi.edu/~nguyeb2/dVC3d/).  Our new
project will focus on scalable simulation algorithms for modern
CPU/GPU environments, verification of simulation against physical
experiments, and statistical characterization of dynamic processes
with large numbers of intermittent frictional contacts.  Practical
applications of interest include robust, high-speed grasping
algorithms for mobile robots, bi-pedal robots that can run on uneven
granular terrain, and the design and automatic assembly of products
with flexible elements.

The ideal applicant will have a strong background in computer science
and applied mathematics, and experience with scientific computing.
Specific desirable qualifications include: development of
multi-threaded numerical algorithms, probabilistic modeling and
estimation (especially recursive Bayes filters), and excellent written
and spoken English.

My lab has strong ties to labs in Munich, Freiburg, and Durham (UK).
Extended visits to one or more of these labs could be possible.

Start-date: flexible, as early as November 1, 2011.
Duration of Postdoc Positions:  12 months minimum
PhD students will enter the PhD program of the CS Department or other
relevant department.

Interested applicants should send a CV describing their background,
skill set and career goals, along with three references and any other
relevant information to Prof. Jeff Trinkle (trink at cs.rpi.edu).

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