[robotics-worldwide] Robotica 29(6) October 2011

Gregory S Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Sun Aug 14 17:41:07 PDT 2011

Volume 29 Part 6 October 2011

3D simultaneous localization and mapping using IMU and its observability analysis,
Farhad Aghili                                                                         805

Solving stiffness and deformation of a 3-UPU parallel manipulator with one
translation and two rotations, Bo Hu and Yi Lu                                         815

Experimental verification of soft-robot gaits evolved using a lumped dynamic
model, Frank Saunders, Ethan Golden, Robert D. White and Jason Rife          823

Parametric excitation-based inverse bending gait generation,
Yuji Harata, Fumihiko Asano, Kouichi Taji and Yoji Uno                         831

A Chinese cooking robot for elderly and disabled people, Wen-Tao Ma,
Wei-Xin Yan, Zhuang Fu and Yan-Zheng Zhao                                 843

A symmetric parallel Schönflies-motion manipulator for pick-and-place operations,
O. Altuzarra, B. Şandru, Ch. Pinto and V. Petuya                                 853

Trajectory tracking compensation for teleoperation with transmission delays,
Lingyan Hu, Xiaoping P. Liu, Guoping Liu and Shaoping Xu                         863

Experiences in the development of a teleoperated parallel robot for aerial line
maintenance, Cecilia Garcia, Roque Saltaren and Rafael Aracil                 873

A novel dynamic walker with heel, ankle, and toe rocker motions,
R. Prasanth Kumar, Abdullah Özer, Gabsoon Kim and Jungwon Yoon         883

Type synthesis of parallel mechanisms having the first class GF sets and
Onedimensional rotation, Jialun Yang, Feng Gao, Qiaode Jeffrey Ge, Xianchao
Zhao, Weizhong Guo and Zhenlin Jin                                                 895

Driving force analysis for the secondary adjustable system in FAST,
Zhu-Feng Shao, Xiaoqiang Tang, Xu Chen and Li-Ping Wang                 903

Robot accuracy evaluation using a ball-bar link system, Yeon Taek Oh                 917
PID and inverse-model-based control of a twin rotor system, S. F. Toha
and M. O. Tokhi                                                                 929

Heuristic control of bipedal running: steady-state and accelerated, A. D. Perkins,
K. J. Waldron and P. J. Csonka                                                 939

A new approach on human–robot collaboration with humanoid robot RH-2,
C. A. Monje, P. Pierro and C. Balaguer                                         949

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