[robotics-worldwide] Release: Matlab Toolbox for the iRobot Create Version 2.0

Joel Esposito esposito at usna.edu
Thu Aug 25 08:11:32 PDT 2011

The RaVision Lab at the United States Naval Academy is happy to announce
that Version 2.0 of the Matlab Toolbox for the iRobot Create has been
The new source files and documentation can be found here:

Version 2.0 has minor updates and bug fixes, as compared with version 1.0. 
+ Bug fixes:  Wheel drop sensor reading now correct.   Full control over
LEDs.   Corrections to documentation
+ New Features: Ability to manually drive robot via keyboard or GUI. 

For those not familiar, the toolbox replaces the native low-level numerical
commands, with a set of high level, intuitive, Matlab functions (aka
"wrappers") that allow those with little low level programming experience to
quickly and easily control the iRobot Create from a PC or laptop running
Matlab.  You can:
+ Create a link between your PC and Create using your PC's serial port or
Bluetooth connections. 
+ Provide user-friendly drive commands, calibrated in SI units. 
+ Read the bump and cliff sensors, determine distance driven, and battery
life in SI units. 
+ Use the Matlab command line or script files to control the robot.  Note
that all code is developed, stored and executed on the PC base station --
not the Create.  

More information on the iRobot Create can be found here:

Much of the work on this toolbox was done by high school Seniors
participating in the ONR/ASEE Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program
(SEAP).  We acknowledge their financial support. 

Associate Professor Joel Esposito
Systems Engineering Department
RaVison Laboratory (Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles In Support of the Navy)
United States Naval Academy
Annapolis, Maryland, USA

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