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The new issue of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics is available
online at:


This link allows free access to all abstracts of the papers, as well as
full access to the pdf files by subscription (either individual or

The table of contents is as follows:

* Discrete Geometric Optimal Control on Lie Groups,
   Kobilarov, M. B.  Marsden, J. E.
   Page(s): 641 - 655

* Parameterization and Evaluation of Robotic Orientation
   Workspace: A Geometric Treatment,
   Chen, C.  Jackson, D.
   Page(s): 656 - 663

* A Nonlinear Attitude Observer Based on Active Vision and
   Inertial Measurements,
   Bras, S.  Cunha, R.  Vasconcelos, J. F.  Silvestre , C.  Oliveira , P.
   Page(s): 664 - 677

* Multirobot Active Target Tracking With Combinations of
   Relative Observations,
   Zhou , K.  Roumeliotis, S. I.
   Page(s): 678 - 695

* The Hybrid Reciprocal Velocity Obstacle
   Snape , J.  Berg, J  Guy, S. J.  Manocha, D.
   Page(s): 696 - 706

* Multirobot Tree and Graph Exploration
   Brass, P.  Cabrera-Mora, F.  Gasparri , A.  Xiao , J.
   Page(s): 707 - 717

* Programmable Assembly With Universally Foldable Strings (Moteins)
   Cheung, K. C.  Demaine, E. D.  Bachrach, J. R.  Griffith, S.
   Page(s): 718 - 729

* Haptic Interactions Using Virtual Manipulator Coupling
   With Applications to Underactuated Systems,
   Luecke, G. R.
   Page(s): 730 - 740

* Bilateral Telemanipulation With Time Delays: A Two-Layer
   Approach Combining Passivity and Transparency,
   Franken , M.  Stramigioli, S.  Misra, S.  Secchi, C.  Macchelli, A.
   Page(s): 741 - 756

* Active Stabilization for Robotized Beating Heart Surgery
   Bachta, W.  Renaud, P.  Laroche, E.  Forgione, A.  Gangloff, J.
   Page(s): 757 - 768

* A Novel Magnetic Actuation System for Miniature Swimming Robots,
   Valdastri , P.  Sinibaldi, E.  Caccavaro, S.  Tortora, G.
   Menciassi , A.  Dario, P.
   Page(s): 769 - 779

* On the Stability of Closed-Loop Inverse Kinematics Algorithms
   for Redundant Robots,
   Falco, P.  Natale, C.
   Page(s): 780 - 784

* Kinematic Control of Redundant Manipulators: Generalizing
   the Task-Priority Framework to Inequality Task,
   Kanoun, O.  Lamiraux, F.  Wieber , P-.B.
   Page(s): 785 - 792

* Experimental Investigation of Obstacle-Aided Locomotion With
   a Snake Robot,
   Liljeback, P.  Pettersen, K. Y.  Stavdahl, O.  Gravdahl, J. T.
   Page(s): 792 - 800

* Minimum-Time Trajectory for Three-Wheeled Omnidirectional
   Mobile Robots Following a Bounded-Curvature Path With a
   Referenced Heading Profile,
   Kim, K. B.  Kim, B. K.
   Page(s): 800 - 808

* Probabilistic Collision Checking With Chance Constraints,
   Du Toit, N. E.  Burdick, J. W.
   Page(s): 809 - 815

* Modeling and Evaluation of Low-Cost Force Sensors,
   Lebosse, C.  Renaud, P.  Bayle, B.  de Mathelin, M.
   Page(s): 815 - 822

* Keeping Multiple Moving Targets in the Field of View
   of a Mobile Camera,
   Gans, N. R.  Hu, G.  Nagarajan, K.  Dixon, W. E.
   Page(s): 822 - 828

* Photometric Visual Servoing,
   Collewet, C.  Marchand, E.
   Page(s): 828 - 834

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