[robotics-worldwide] CfP: HRI 2012 Workshop on "Advances in Tactile Sensing and Touch based HRI"

Fulvio Mastrogiovanni fulvio.mastrogiovanni at unige.it
Sun Dec 4 07:00:23 PST 2011

  HRI 2012

  7^th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction

March 5-8, 2012

  Boston, USA

  Call for Contributions

Workshop on: Advances in tactile sensing and touch based human-robot 

  Scope of the Workshop

The problem of "giving robots the sense of touch" is fundamental in 
order to develop the next generations of robots capable of interacting 
with humans in different contexts: in daily housekeeping activities, as 
working partners, as caregivers etc.. Through tactile sensing it is 
possible to measure or estimate physical properties of objects. Tactile 
feedback may enable the detection and the safe control of the 
interaction of the robot with object or humans; finally, touch based 
cognitive processes can be involved by developing body self-awareness to 
differentiate "me" from "not me" thus opening new relevant problems.

The objective of this Workshop is to present and discuss the most recent 
achievements in the area of tactile sensing starting from the 
technological aspects, up to the application problems where tactile 
feedback plays a fundamental role.

The Workshop will cover, but will not be limited to, the following three 
main areas:

·Technological aspects of robot skin design and implementation 
including: advanced transduction devices, large scale sensing 
technologies, embedded electronics, system level solutions, etc..

·Software and algorithmic aspects related to tactile data processing: 
software engineering, robot control, touch based reactive behaviors, 
touch classification, object recognition, etc..

·Cognitive issues related, but not limited, to skin-based behaviors and 
task level control, including: human-robot interaction, learning and 
assistive technologies etc..

Specific relevant topics include (but not limited to):

·New tactile sensing technologies

·System level design solutions for large area tactile sensing

·Bio-inspired tactile sensor design and data processing

·Psycho-physical studies on human sense of touch

·Integration of touch with other sensing modalities

·Algorithms and architectures for tactile data processing

·Tactile and touch based cognitive control applications

·Experimental tests and benchmarks

  Target Audience

The Workshop is expected to be a forum for researchers working in the 
areas of: tactile sensing, robot grasping and interaction control, 
haptics, human-robot interaction, cognitive robotics etc..

  Extended Abstract Submission Guidelines:

Researchers presenting their results at the Workshop are requested to 
submit a 2 to 4 pages extended abstract (in PDF format), including 
figures, pictures, graphs and references. The extended abstracts will 
form the Workshop Proceedings. A paper template is available at:


Extended abstracts should be submitted to: Dr. Fulvio Mastrogiovanni 
(fulvio.matrogiovanni at unige.it <mailto:fulvio.matrogiovanni at unige.it>)

  Important Dates:


*Abstract Submission deadline:December 20 2011.*

*Acceptance decision byJanuary 6, 2012.*

*Final Manuscript Submission due:January 31, 2012.*

*Workshop Day:March 5, 2012.*

  Program Committee

Aude BillardEPFL, Switzerland

Annalisa BonfiglioUniversità di Cagliari, Italy

Giorgio CannataUniversità di Genova, Italy

Piero CossedduUniversità di Cagliari

Torbjorn DahlUniversity of Wales at Newport, UK

Kerstin DautenhahnHertfordshire University, UK

Lorenzo NataleItalian Institute of Technology, Genova, Italy

Fulvio MastrogiovanniDIST -- Università di Genova, Italy

Giorgio MettaItalian Institute of Technology, Genova, Italy

Daniel PolaniHertfordshire University, UK

Ben RobinsHertfordshire University, UK

Maurizio ValleUniversità di Genova, Italy


Giorgio CannataUniversità di Genova, Italy

Lorenzo NataleItalian Institute of Technology, Genova, Italy

Fulvio MastrogiovanniUniversità di Genova, Italy

Giorgio Metta^Italian Institute of Technology, Genova, Italy

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