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The new issue of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics is available
online at:


This link allows free access to all abstracts of the papers, as well as
full access to the pdf files by subscription (either individual or

The table of contents is as follows:

* Statics and Dynamics of Continuum Robots With General
           Tendon Routing and External Loading
   Rucker, D. C.  Webster III, R. J.
   Page(s): 1033 - 1044

* Position Control of Motion Compensation Cardiac Catheters
   Kesner, S. B.  Howe, R. D.
   Page(s): 1045 - 1055

* Stable Precision Grasps by Underactuated Grippers
   Kragten, G.  Baril, M.  Gosselin, C.  Herder, J.
   Page(s): 1056 - 1066

* Human-Inspired Robotic Grasp Control With Tactile Sensing
   Romano, J. M.  Hsiao, K.  Niemeyer, G.  Chitta, S.
           Kuchenbecker, K. J.
   Page(s): 1067 - 1079

* Chance-Constrained Optimal Path Planning With Obstacles
   Blackmore, L.  Ono, M.  Williams, B. C.
   Page(s): 1080 - 1094

* Planning and Fast Replanning Safe Motions for Humanoid Robots
   Lengagne , S.  Ramdani , N.  Fraisse , P.
   Page(s): 1095 - 1106

* Climbing Strategy for a Flexible Tree Climbing Robot.Treebot
         Lam, T. L.  Xu, Y.
   Page(s): 1107 - 1117

* Mobile Sensor Network Navigation Using Gaussian Processes
            With Truncated Observations
   Xu, Y.  Choi, J.  Oh, S.
   Page(s): 1118 - 1131

* Task-Oriented Kinematic Design of a Symmetric Assistive
            Climbing Robot
   Jardon, A.  Stoelen, M. F.  Bonsignorio, F.  Balaguer, C.
   Page(s): 1132 - 1137

* An Analytic-Iterative Redundancy Resolution Scheme for
            Cable-Driven Redundant Parallel Manipulators
   Taghirad, H. D.  Bedoustani, Y. B.
   Page(s): 1137 - 1143

* Online Trajectory Scaling for Manipulators Subject to
            High-Order Kinematic and Dynamic Constraints
   Bianco, C.  Gerelli, O.
   Page(s): 1144 - 1152

* Sequential Composition for Navigating a Nonholonomic Cart
            in the Presence of Obstacles
   Kallem, V.  Komoroski, A. T.  Kumar, V.
   Page(s): 1152 - 1159

* Collision Cones for Quadric Surfaces
   Chakravarthy, A.  Ghose, D.
   Page(s): 1159 - 1166

* Motion-Estimation-Based Visual Servoing of Nonholonomic
            Mobile Robots
   Zhang, X.  Fang, Y.  Liu, X.
   Page(s): 1167 - 1175

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