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Volume 30 Number 2 of Autonomous Robots is now available at the
SpringerLink website (http://springerlink.com/content/0929-5593/30/2/)
and in print. SpringerLink allows free access to all paper
abstracts. Full access (PDF) is by individual or institutional

The accompanying blog (http://www.autonomousrobotsblog.com/) includes
additional multimedia content about articles published in Autonomous

Autonomous Robots 30(2) Table of Contents

Generation of bipedal walking through interactions among the robot
dynamics, the oscillator dynamics, and the environment: Stability
characteristics of a five-link planar biped robot
Shinya Aoi and Kazuo Tsuchiya

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (with flying robots)
Robin Murphy, Dylan Shell, Amy Guerin, Brittany Duncan, Benjamin Fine,
Kevin Pratt and Takis Zourntos

Learning the behavior model of a robot
Guillaume Infantes, Malik Ghallab and Félix Ingrand

A new multi-criteria optimization strategy for shared control in
wheelchair assisted navigation
C. Urdiales, J. M. Peula, M. Fdez-Carmona, C. Barrué, E. J. Pérez,
I. Sánchez-Tato, J. C. del Toro, F. Galluppi, U. Cortés, R. Annichiaricco,
C. Caltagirone and F. Sandoval

High-speed and energy-efficient biped locomotion based on Virtual Slope
Hao Dong, Mingguo Zhao and Naiyao Zhang

Control of underactuated planar pronking through an embedded spring-mass
hopper template
M. Mert Ankarali and Uluc Saranli

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Autonomous Robots

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