[robotics-worldwide] ICRA 2011 Tutorial by Rolf Pfeifer on Embodied Intelligence, 9 May 2011

Rolf Pfeifer pfeifer at ifi.uzh.ch
Sun Feb 13 05:50:35 PST 2011

Dear colleagues

We would like to cordially invite you to join the interdisciplinary 
tutorial entitled

"A primer on embodied intelligence"
by Rolf Pfeifer

at the ICRA 2011 Conference in Shanghai.

Target audience: robotics, engineering, artificial intelligence, 
neuroscience, psychology, IT professionals, anyone interested in the 
topics of cognition and intelligence

Topics will include:

     * The basics of embodiment: Traditional and embodied concepts of 
intelligence, frame-of-reference, synthetic methodology and 
bio-inspiration, time scales for explanation and design, agents as 
complex dynamical systems, self-organization and emergence.
     * Selected design principles for intelligent systems: "cheap 
design" (incl. passive dynamics), ecological balance (morphological 
computation), sensory-motor coordination and information 
self-structuring, parallel, loosely coupled processes.
     * Towards cognitive robots: induction of patterns of sensory 
stimulation through physical interaction with environment, sensory-motor 
coordination and information structure.
     * Challenges for "soft robotics": control - or better: 
orchestration - of movements in highly compliant, tendon-driven "soft" 
robots; Bernstein's problem.
     * Applying the design principles: participants apply some of the 
design principles to a robot of their own choice and propose design 

The tutorial is scheduled for Monday, May 9, 2011, Half-Day 
Workshops/Tutorials - Afternoon Sessions.

More information can be found here: 

Please note that you need to register for the tutorial.

Looking very much forward to seeing many of you there.

Best regards
--Rolf Pfeifer

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