[robotics-worldwide] ICRA2011 Workshop: MEMS assembly and packaging: trends and challenges for robotics in the microscale

Zhou Quan quan.zhou at tkk.fi
Tue Feb 15 09:19:42 PST 2011

Dear Colleagues,

We will have a Workshop on MEMS assembly and packaging: trends and challenges for robotics in the microscale on May 9th 2011, the first day of the ICRA 2011 conference at Shanghai. You are mostly welcome to attend. Some details:

Webpage: http://www.femto-st.fr/~michael.gauthier/WSICRA/index.html

Robotic microassembly, self-assembly, assembly of 3D MEMS, out-of-plane microassembly, hybrid microassembly, magnetic microassembly, optical microassembly.

There are significant developments in the field of microsystem assembly and packaging, especially with the current activities in 3D integration. Today's IC technology is entering post-Moore era, where the higher-level of integration is from integrating chips vertically in the 3D integration, instead of solely depending on the increase of the amount of transistors on a single chip. Such trend enables not only higher density of integration, but also allows more functions and advanced heterogeneous microsystems. However, the assembly and packaging tasks have been so far mostly executed by high-speed pick-and-place robots. The ever increasing demands of better precision, high-throughput and smaller dies require that the role of robotics in MEMS assembly and packaging to be re-identified. On the other hand, large amount of self-assembly techniques have been actively proposed as the solution. Therefore, the scenario of future assembly and packaging techniques for microsystems needs to be clarified. The objective of the workshop is to bring the researchers from both sides of robotics and self-assembly in the field of microsystems assembly and packaging to discuss this important and active field. Due to the large variety of the microsystems, the assembly and integration technologies also vary greatly. Therefore, it is also very interesting to discuss the applicability and boundary of various technologies in a relatively abstract level of application fields, and to create better understanding and ignite new insights of this fast developing field.

M. Gauthier, FEMTO-ST Institute, France.
D. O. Popa, University of Texas, Arlington, Texas, USA.
K. F. Böhringer, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
John T. Wen, Center for Automation Technologies & Systems (CATS), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA
F. Arai, Dept. of Mechanical Science & Engineering,  Nagoya University, Japan.
P. Lambert, LIMMS/CNRS-IIS,  Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
H.A. Yang, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Taiwan
T. Fukushima, K.-W. Lee, T. Tanaka, and M. Koyanagi, Tohoku University, Japan
Q. Zhou, Aalto University, Finland.

Michaël Gauthier, Dr, Scientist researcher, FEMTO-ST Insitute - Dept. AS2M, France
Quan Zhou, Dr. Tech., Adjunct Professor, Aalto University, Finland

Quan Zhou, Dr. Tech., Adjunct Professor (Dosentti),
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