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The new issue of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics is available
online at:


This link allows free access to all abstracts of the papers, as well as
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The table of contents is as follows:

* Interval-Analysis-Based Determination of the Wrench-Feasible
   Workspace of Parallel Cable-Driven Robots,
   Gouttefarde, M.  Daney, D.  Merlet, J-.P.
   Page(s): 1 - 13

* Context Identification for Efficient Multiple-Model State
   Estimation of Systems With Cyclical Intermittent Dynamics,
   Skaff, S.  Rizzi, A. A.  Choset, H.  Tesch, M.
   Page(s): 14 - 28

* Efficient Unbiased Tracking of Multiple Dynamic Obstacles
   Under Large Viewpoint Changes,
   Miller, I.  Campbell, M.  Huttenlocher, D.
   Page(s): 29 - 46

* Active 3D Object Localization Using a Humanoid Robot,
   Andreopoulos, A.  Hasler, S.  Wersing, H.  Janssen, H.
   Tsotsos, J. K.  Korner, E.
   Page(s): 47 - 64

* Triaxial MRI-Compatible Fiber-optic Force Sensor,
   Tan, U-.X.  Yang, B.  Gullapalli, R.  Desai, J. P.
   Page(s): 65 - 74

* A Fundamental Linear Systems Conflict Between Performance
   and Passivity in Haptic Rendering,
   Griffiths, P. G.  Gillespie, R. B.  Freudenberg, J. S.
   Page(s): 75 - 88

* Feasible and Optimal Path Planning in Strong Current Fields,
   Soulignac, M.
   Page(s): 89 - 98

* Human-Centered Robot Navigation -- Towards a Harmoniously
   Human-Robot Coexisting Environment,
   Lam, C.-P.  Chou, C.-T.  Chiang, K.-H.  Fu, L.-C.
   Page(s): 99 - 112

* Mapping and Pursuit-Evasion Strategies For a Simple
   Wall-Following Robot,
   Katsev, M.  Yershova, A.  Tovar, B.  Ghrist, R.  LaValle, S. M.
   Page(s): 113 - 128

* Adaptive Position Tracking of VTOL UAVs,
   Roberts, A.  Tayebi, A.
   Page(s): 129 - 142

* The Forward Kinematics of 3-RPR Planar Robots:
   A Review and a Distance-Based Formulation,
   Rojas, N.  Thomas, F.
   Page(s): 143 - 150

* A Method to Formulate a Dimensionally Homogeneous Jacobian
   of Parallel Manipulators,
   Liu, H.  Huang, T.  Chetwynd, D. G.
   Page(s): 150 - 156

* A 2-D Passive-Dynamic-Running Biped With Elastic Elements,
   Owaki, D.  Koyama, M.  Yamaguchi, S.  Kubo, S.  Ishiguro, A.
   Page(s): 156 - 162

* Feedback Control of Planar Biped Robot With Regulable Step
   Length and Walking Speed,
   Hu, Y.  Yan, G.  Lin, Z.
   Page(s): 162 - 169

* Estimation of Absolute Orientation for a Bipedal Robot:
   Experimental Results,
   Lebastard, V.  Aoustin, Y.  Plestan, F.
   Page(s): 170 - 174

* A Sliding-Mode-Control Law for Mobile Robots Based on Epipolar
   Visual Servoing From Three Views,
   Becerra, H. M.  Lopez-Nicolas, G. Sagues, C.
   Page(s): 175 - 183

* Erratum to .Passive Decomposition and Control of Nonholomic
   Mechanical Systems. [Dec 10 978-992],
   Lee, D.
   Page(s): 184

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