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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics
Volume 25, Number 3, 2011
Cutting Edge of Robotics in Japan 2011

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Table of Contents

pp. 289-289(1)

Modeling and Analysis of a Frictional Sliding Soft Fingertip, and
Experimental Validations
pp. 291-311(21)
Authors: Anh Ho, Van; Hirai, Shinichi

Discussion on the Forward-Backward Configuration Effect of Reader
Antennas in a Floor-Installed RFID System
pp. 313-333(21)
Authors: Kodaka, Kenri; Sugano, Shigeki

Kalman Filter-Based Disturbance Observer and its Applications to
Sensorless Force Control
pp. 335-353(19)
Authors: Mitsantisuk, Chowarit; Ohishi, Kiyoshi; Urushihara, Shiro;
Katsura, Seiichiro

Visual Tracking of a Hand-Eye Robot for a Moving Target Object with
Multiple Feature Points: Translational Motion Compensation Approach
pp. 355-369(15)
Authors: Ito, Masahide; Shibata, Masaaki

Development of a Peristaltic Pump Based on Bowel Peristalsis using
Artificial Rubber Muscle
pp. 371-385(15)
Authors: Nakamura, Taro; Suzuki, Kazuyuki

Joint Stiffness and Position Control of an Artificial Muscle
Manipulator for Instantaneous Loads Using a Mechanical Equilibrium
pp. 387-406(20)
Authors: Nakamura, Taro; Tanaka, Daisuke; Maeda, Hiroyuki

Disturbance Compensation Control for a Biped Vehicle
pp. 407-426(20)
Authors: Hashimoto, Kenji; Lim, Hun-Ok; Takanishi, Atsuo

Enhancing Zero Moment Point-Based Control Model: System
Identification Approach
pp. 427-446(20)
Authors: Suleiman, Wael; Kanehiro, Fumio; Miura, Kanako; Yoshida,

Static Stability Analysis of Spatial Grasps Including Contact Surface
pp. 447-472(26)
Authors: Yamada, Takayoshi; Taki, Toshiya; Yamada, Manabu; Funahashi,
Yasuyuki; Yamamoto, Hidehiko

Robotized Assembly of a Wire Harness in a Car Production Line
pp. 473-489(17)
Authors: Jiang, Xin; Koo, Kyong-Mo; Kikuchi, Kohei; Konno, Atsushi;
Uchiyama, Masaru

Physical Control of the Rotation of a Flexible Object ? Rope Turning
with a Humanoid Robot
pp. 491-506(16)
Authors: Kim, Chyon Hae; Yonekura, Kenta; Tsujino, Hiroshi; Sugano,

Note from the Publisher
pp. 507-508(2)

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