[robotics-worldwide] CFP - IROS 2011 Special Symposium on Stochasticity in Robotics and Biological Systems

M. Ani Hsieh mhsieh1 at drexel.edu
Mon Feb 28 23:52:00 PST 2011

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The 2011 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and
Systems (IROS 2011) will be held in San Francisco, California, USA,
during September 25-30, 2011. This year, the conference will feature a
series of special symposia to celebrate the achievements of the last
50 years of robotics and to articulate a vision for the future of the

We are proposing a Special Symposium sessions on Stochasticity in
Robotics and Biological Systems
(http://robotics.mem.drexel.edu/iros2011/) and soliciting paper
contributions addressing the role of stochasticity in natural and
artificial systems.   Stochasticity has been central to numerous
robotics problems: state and parameter estimation from noisy data,
decision-making based on partial or incomplete information, and
modeling of dynamic and unpredictable environments. In biology, there
are many examples of systems composed of a multitude of stochastically
interacting components whose collective behavior are cohesive, robust,
and even versatile.  Recent advances in systems biology have shown
that the stochastic nature of cellular behaviors and molecular
dynamics is crucial to understanding their collective behaviors and
regulatory mechanisms. Researchers in swarm robotics and other areas
are taking inspiration from such examples in nature and developing new
stochastic modeling, analysis, and design techniques.

Submissions should address emerging theories and methodologies
utilizing stochasticity for various robotic applications. The
objective is to bring together works from the different branches in
robotics and highlight novel techniques and approaches in leveraging
stochasticity for the development of more robust and adaptable robotic
systems, and inspiring new directions for robotics research.

The deadline for submission is 14 March, 2011. Submission details can
be found at: http://www.iros2011.org/cfp.  All submissions for this
symposium will have to be submitted via  PaperPlaza
(https://ras.papercept.net/conferences/scripts/start.pl) and are
required to go through the standard review process of the IROS CEB.
We will work with the conference program committee to make the
appropriate assignment of papers to the symposium.

If you are interested in contributing to this symposium on
Stochasticity in Robotics and Biological Systems, please email Ani
Hsieh (mhsieh1 at drexel.edu) to obtain the session code.  If you have
any questions regarding the symposium, please direct them to Ani Hsieh
(mhsieh1 at drexel.edu).  We look forward to your contributions for IROS

Ani Hsieh (Drexel University)
Greg Chirikjian (Johns Hopkins University)
Harry Asada (MIT)

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