[robotics-worldwide] Post-doc Position or experienced engineer

Francois BERRY francois.berry at lasmea.univ-bpclermont.fr
Wed Jan 5 14:13:57 PST 2011


LASMEA (Laboratory of Sciences and Materials for Electronics and 
Automation) is a joint research laboratory between CNRS and University 
Blaise Pascal. It has 120 researchers and PhD students.
In our research group GRAVIR(Group Automation, Vision and Robotics), 
LASMEA is doing research in the field of Robotics, Computer Vision and 
multi-sensor perception. In the last area, we are developing hardware 
and software architectures for embedded perception, particularly smart 
This potential research activity has involved our research group in many 
projects and given us opportunity to build strong industrial and 
academic partnerships. This job is offered by ANR Cogiro project.

The objective of Cogiro project is the design and control of robots with 
large cable sizes (greater than 15 meters). It is also necessary to 
measure various geometric parameters of mechanical assembly. This is 
achieved by using vision because of its many advantages. But due to the 
big size of mechanical structure, it can't be achieved by using a single 
camera. So we decided to use a network of "smart cameras" to pre-process 
the flow of images, as a result not sending the relevant information.

In the "Smart Cameras" team, main responsibility of the selected 
candidate will be to support the specifications, then design single 
camera unit which will be duplicated.

• To specify the internal architecture and design of smart camera based 
on reconfigurable logic (FPGA, CPLD),
• To provide the specifications in terms of input/output of camera to 
ensure complete integration into the final prototype,
• Make sure to interface your work with others work involved in the project,
• To organize demonstration with different partners.

Candidate should have Electronics Engineering (or equivalent) with 2 to 
4 years experience in successfully developing Electronic boards or have 
a PhD in the field of computer architectures with potential for 
organization and planning.
Expertise in complex digital architecture is must for the job. Knowledge 
of computer vision and perception systems will be plus.
Must be fluent in English.

Organization : Research Laboratory CNRS LASMEA
Contact : François BERRY
Contract Type : Fixed, minimum for 16 months
Location : Clermont-Ferrand – France
Salary : 1800€ Net/month
Tel : 04 73 40 72 52
Email : berry at univ-bpclermont.fr

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