[robotics-worldwide] Solutions in Perception Challenge, at ICRA 2011 (in May)

Gary Bradski solutionsinperception at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 20:10:00 PST 2011

We (Willow Garage + NIST + ...) will be running a new "Solutions in
Perception Challenge
 which will take place at ICRA 2011 (May 3-12*) in the Robot challenge
section, see:

This challenge seeks to establish and advance solutions to robot perception
problems. It will use 2D+3D data. Past solutions will be runnable by future
contestants. We will provide stub code that will acquire 2D+3D data from a
kinect, do the I/O and also have optional support for computing pose.

The first challenge will be to solve (high 90% where false positives and
false poses also count as a miss) ~rigid, ~Lambertian, textured objects for
identity and pose.

There is some travel support money for selected contestants who need it.

There is a prize of up to $7K for first place, up to $2K for second, and up
$1K for third awarded exponentially, see the Prizes subsection of the
challenge page above.

I encourage you to enter. If interested, send email to:
solutionsinperception at gmail.com


Solutions in Perception Challenge Committee

* Yes, this is a bit of a rush, but we were asked by our sponsors to get
this going ASAP.

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