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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics
Volume 25, Number 1-2, 2011
Regular Issue

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Table of Contents

Control of an Autonomous Electric Bicycle with both Steering and
Balancer Controls
pp. 1-22(22)
Authors: Keo, Lychek; Yamakita, Masaki

Generic Motion Planner for Robot Multi-fingered Manipulation
pp. 23-46(24)
Authors: Saut, Jean-Philippe; Sahbani, Anis; Perdereau, Veronique

Territorial and Effective Task Decomposition for Rearrangement
Planning of Multiple Objects by Multiple Mobile Robots
pp. 47-74(28)
Authors: Fujii, Norisuke; Ota, Jun

Dynamic Rolling-Walk Motion by the Limb Mechanism Robot ASTERISK
pp. 75-91(17)
Authors: Theeravithayangkura, Chayooth; Takubo, Tomohito; Ohara,
Kenichi; Mae, Yasushi; Arai, Tatsuo

A Robot Swarm Assisting a Human Fire-Fighter
pp. 93-117(25)
Authors: Penders, Jacques; Alboul, Lyuba; Witkowski, Ulf; Naghsh, Amir;
Saez-Pons, Joan; Herbrechtsmeier, Stefan; El-Habbal, Mohamed

CRABOT: A Biomimetic Burrowing Robot Designed for Underground
Chemical Source Location
pp. 119-134(16)
Author: Russell, R. Andrew

Simultaneous Localization of a Mobile Robot and Multiple Sound
Sources Using a Microphone Array
pp. 135-152(18)
Authors: Hu, Jwu-Sheng; Chan, Chen-Yu; Wang, Cheng-Kang; Lee, Ming-
Tang; Kuo, Ching-Yi

Real-Time Pose-Invariant Face Recognition Using the Efficient Second-
Order Minimization and the Pose Transforming Matrix
pp. 153-174(22)
Authors: Choi, Hyun-Chul; Oh, Se-Young

Biomimetic Pinching Movements of a Musculo-Skeletal Dual-Finger Model
pp. 175-204(30)
Authors: Tahara, Kenji; Arimoto, Suguru; Ozawa, Ryuta; Luo, Zhi-Wei

Robust Adaptive Stabilization of Skid Steer Wheeled Mobile Robots
Considering Slipping Effects
pp. 205-227(23)
Authors: Mohammadpour, E.; Naraghi, M.

Control System Design for an Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Robot
pp. 229-251(23)
Authors: Xu, Guozheng; Song, Aiguo; Li, Huijun

Micro Macro Neural Network to Recognize Rollover Movement
pp. 253-271(19)
Authors: Ando, Takeshi; Okamoto, Jun; Fujie, Masakatsu G.

Experimental Study of Dynamic Bipedal Walking Based on the Principle
of Parametric Excitation with Counterweights
pp. 273-287(15)
Authors: Hayashia, Takeshi; Kanekob, Kazuaki; Asanoc, Fumihiko; Luoa,

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