[robotics-worldwide] Call for Proposal for IEEE ICRA 2011 Workshop on: Uncertainty in Automation

Dezhen Song dzsong at cs.tamu.edu
Thu Jan 20 12:04:54 PST 2011

Automation has potential to improve quality (consistency), efficiency,
safety, and cost for manufacturing, and has many other applications such
healthcare and security. However, a major issue for automation systems is
how to effectively cope with uncertainty and dynamics arising in the
physical and human environment.  In this workshop we will consider new
models and methods for effectively modeling and resolving uncertainty in

The fact that ICRA 2011 will be held in Shanghai, China will allow this
workshop to bring top researchers from China and the rest of world together
to study the uncertainty issues in automation. Due to its booming
manufacturing and other industry sectors, China can be viewed as the largest
test bed for researchers in automation science and engineering, which offers
different automation levels and all kinds of imaginable settings.
Researchers and decision-makers in China have to routinely face uncertainty
issues in the automation processes, which present challenges arise from both
physical and human-related sources. Successfully address the issues would
have a profound impact on efficiency, productivity, safety, and
mental/physical health of workforce for China and the rest of the world. A
tentative list of workshop topics includes

.         Physical Uncertainty

o    Uncertainty in sensing and actuation: new sensors, sensing models, and

o    Error models

o    New designs and algorithms to facilitate modulization and

o    Planning and scheduling with consideration of uncertainty

o    Response to change in environments and systems: flexible automation

.         Human-related uncertainty

o    Models of human-in-the-loop automation

o    Automation and occupation safety, human stress and mental health

o    Surveillance systems: detection of abnormality

o    Automation for drug delivery, health care and senior citizen care

.         Models, metrics, standardization, test bed developments,
benchmarking methods, and experimental validations.

We are fortunate to many researchers endorsing this workshop. A partial list
of currently confirmed speakers include:

.         Professor Peter Luh, University of Connecticut, "Automation for
Green and Safe Buildings"

.         Professor Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania, "Uncertainty in
Robot Grasping"

.         Professor Michael Y Wang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong, China, "Uncertainty and closure property in workpiece

.         Professor Qianchuan Zhao, Tsinghua University, China, "Planning
production line capacity to handle uncertain demands for a class of
manufacturing systems with multiple products"

.         Professor Dawn Tilbury, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor,
"Anomaly detection in event-based systems"

.         Professor Ken Goldberg, UC Berkeley, "Uncertainty in Grasp

.         Professor Dez Song, Texas A&M University, "A PODS-based  Extended
Kalman Filter: Quantifying Uncertainties in Automatic Bird Species

.         Professor Yangmin Li, University of Macau, Macau, China, "Model
Uncertainty issues in Micro/Nano Manipulation by Parallel Manipulator"

.         Dr. Raj Madhavan and Elena Messina NIST, "Addressing Uncertainty
in Performance Measurement of Intelligent Systems"


We would like to invite more researchers in this area to give a talk and/or
participate this exciting workshop. The workshop can be registered through
ICRA conference registration website. If you are interested in presenting
you recent work please send the following items to us (email:
<mailto:dzsong at cse.tamu.edu> dzsong at cse.tamu.edu) on or before March 1st,

1. Full contact info including affiliation

2. Proposed title (if there is any change)

3. A short (150 words) abstract addressing how the talk relates to workshop

4. A URL to the home page describing related research or a related research

(does not matter whether it is published elsewhere.)


-Ken Goldberg (UC Berkeley) and Dezhen Song (Texas A&M U.)


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