[robotics-worldwide] Last Call: Three PhD student positions (deadine Jan 31)

Alessandro Saffiotti asaffio at aass.oru.se
Sat Jan 22 09:20:44 PST 2011

    ***** Last Call: Three PhD Student Positions Available *****

       Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS)
                     Orebro University, Sweden

Three PhD positions in Computer Science are available at the AASS
Mobile Robotics Lab of Örebro University, Sweden, on the following
research topics.

* Topic 1: Human-Aware Planning for Mobile Robots. This project is
  concerned with artificial intelligence techniques for robot task
  planning where one or several domestic robots gather information
  about the activities of the human inhabitants. This information is
  then used when the robots plan how to perform their tasks, in order
  to e.g. avoid interference.

* Topic 2: Cognitive Electronic Noses. This project aims to develop a
  system which combines low -level signals from olfactory (gas) sensors
  with high-level knowledge representing the context, causes and
  composition of odours. The aim is to create a recognition system that
  can be applied to a number of application domains within medical
  diagnosis, environmental monitoring and food quality monitoring.

* Topic 3: Robotics Ubiquitous Cognitive Network. This project combines
  traditional artificial intelligence reasoning techniques for networked
  robot systems with dynamic learning. The research is part of a larger
  European research project aiming at the creation of a self-organising
  and goal oriented ecology of networked robotic devices.

Candidates should have a strong background in computer science and
specifically in artificial intelligence.  Detailed information about
the positions and the application procedure can be found at


Application deadline is January 31, 2011.

About the working place:

Orebro University (www.oru.se) is a modern university currently
enrolling about 18,000 students.  It is located in Orebro, a city of
130,000 inhabitants situated in central Sweden (www.orebro.se).

The AASS Mobile Robotics Lab (www.aass.oru.se/Research/Robots) is one
of the three research groups within the Center for Applied Autonomous
Sensor Systems at Orebro University.  AASS performs multi-disciplinary
research in robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and
measurement technology.  The research and human environment at AASS is
young and enthusiastic.  Researchers come from a dozen different
countries, in Europe and worldwide, and have different scientific and
cultural backgrounds.  AASS also frequently hosts international
researchers and is involved in several international projects.  This
means that the enrolled PhD students will have the opportunity to
travel and to cooperate with people in other countries.

The AASS Mobile Robotics Lab is internationally renowned for its work
in cognitive robotics, robot ecologies and artificial olfaction.  The
three proposed topics belong to these research lines, which means that
the selected students will be at the forefront of world research in
their respective area.

 Prof Alessandro Saffiotti               www.aass.oru.se/~asaffio
 Head of AASS Mobile Robotics Lab             asaffio at aass.oru.se
 School of Science and Technology              Tel: +46 19 303794
 Orebro University, Orebro, Sweden             Fax: +46 19 303463

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