[robotics-worldwide] Robotica Contents 29(2) March 2011

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Mon Jan 24 06:52:15 PST 2011


Below are the contents of the latest issue of Robotica.


Greg Chirikjian
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University


Volume 29        Part 2        March 2011

Accuracy and stiffness analysis of a 3-RRP spherical parallel manipulator,
Javad Enferadi and Alireza Akbarzadeh Tootoonchi                                                193

Experimental backlash study in mechanical manipulators, Miguel F. M. Lima,
J. A. Tenreiro Machado and Manuel Crisóstomo                                                211

Task space control of mobile manipulators, Mirosław Galicki                                        221

Optimal balancing of robot manipulators in point-to-point motion,
A. Nikoobin and M. Moradi                                                                233

Multi-objective optimization-based method for kinematic posture prediction:
development and validation, Jingzhou (James) Yang, Tim Marler
and Salam Rahmatalla                                                                        245

A hybrid adaptive control approach for robust tracking of robotic manipulators:
theory and experiment, Shafiqul Islam and Peter X. Liu                                        255

Towards features updating selection based on the covariance matrix of the SLAM
system state, Fernando A. Auat Cheein, Fernando di Sciascio, Gustavo Scaglia
and Ricardo Carelli                                                                        271

Decentralized control for mobile robotic sensor network self-deployment: barrier
and sweep coverage problems, Teddy M. Cheng and Andrey V. Savkin                                283

Algorithmic path planning of static robots in three dimensions using configuration
space metrics, Debanik Roy                                                                295

A novel iteration-based controller for hybrid machine systems for trajectory
tracking at the end-effector level, Z. H. Chen, Y. Wang, P. Ouyang, J. Huang
and W. J. Zhang                                                                                317

>From human motion capture to humanoid locomotion imitation Application
to the robots HRP-2 and HOAP-3, Luc Boutin, Antoine Eon, Said Zeghloul
and Patrick Lacouture                                                                        325

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