[robotics-worldwide] Postdoc and PhD positions in cognitive robotics and biological vision

Hans du Buf dubuf at ualg.pt
Tue Jan 25 09:41:37 PST 2011

One postdoc and two PhD student positions in cognitive robotics and 
biological vision
Start: 1st of April 2011
Where: Vision Laboratory, Univ. of the Algarve, Faro, Portugal

These positions are in the context of the European project NeuroDynamics
(A neuro-dynamic framework for cognitive robotics: scene representations,
behavioural sequences, and learning). This project will have a duration
of four years, hence ideal for preparing a PhD thesis and for substantial
postdoc experience.
Our role is to develop object and scene representations in collaboration
with Prof. Gregor Schoener at the Institut fuer Neuroinformatik in Bochum
(Germany). The development of models of cortical visual processing is the
main subject, i.e., the what and where pathways with covert and overt
attention until invariant object recognition with pose estimation, but the
models will be integrated for visuomotor sequences on a robot which inter-
acts with a person while manipulating objects on a table. Apart from the
robot-table scenario, there is room for experimenting with a mobile robot
which is also equipped with a stereo camera.

About 2000 euro/month for the postdoc and 1500 e/m for each PhD student.
There are no tuition fees. Salaries are exempt from taxation and ample for
Portuguese standards, i.e., saving money for e.g. home flights is possible.
Candidates are expected to pay the first flight to Faro from own money.

General: teamworker with fluency in English and C/C++ programming; LINUX;
CUDA is optional. MSc or PhD degree in relevant areas like Computer Science,
preferably obtained before April 1st, 2011.
Specific: at least knowledgeable in active vision - cortical models, 
representations, Gabor filters, line/edge and keypoint detection, 
optical flow, disparity, gist vision, reinforcement learning, 3D object
recognition, object pose estimation.
Very specific: DNF (dynamic neural field) theory, task management, reward,
personality and emotions, episodic and procedural memory, robot/motor 
visuomotor sequencing.

We are...
a small group with one postdoc, two PhD students, four MSc students plus 
undergrads, all working on vision models and cognition.
For recent publications see http://w3.ualg.pt/~jrodrig/publications.htm
Journal papers are in BioSystems (2006, 2009) and Cognitive Processing 
Please note that the lab's webpages are a bit outdated...

If your profile matches the general requirements plus some combination 
of the
specific requirements, please send a BRIEF CV with personnel data, 
experience and list of publications (postdoc!) in ONE pdf file 
to me by email (dubuf at ualg.pt), with Subject: NeuroDynamics application
Suitable candidates will be asked to provide a few references later.
Selected candidates from non-European countries will be sent a 
declaration in
order to apply for a Visa.

Prof. Hans du Buf

Prof.dr.ir. J.M.H. du Buf                          mailto:dubuf at ualg.pt
Dept. of Electronics and Computer Science - FCT,
University of Algarve,                            fax (+351) 289 818560
Campus de Gambelas, 8000 Faro, Portugal. tel (+351) 289 800900 ext 7761
UALG Vision Laboratory:            http://w3.ualg.pt/~dubuf/vision.html

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