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                             Call for Papers

                    IEEE ICRA 2011 Full Day Workshop
              Agent Technology in Robotics and Automation
                 Friday May 13th 2011 - Shanghai, China

              Workshop Website: http://ram.wpi.edu/icra11


This one‐day workshop introduces participants the use of agent
technology and methodologies in robotics and automation. We present the
use of the agent methodology for modeling and control, and introduce
the use of software mobile agents for the rapid deployment and real‐time
code update in multi‐robotic systems and automation systems.
Demonstrations of using a mobile agent agency to deploy control
strategies to mobile and modular robots will be given. The workshop will
consist of two major sessions. The first session in the morning is on
agent technology and its applications in robotics. The second session in
the afternoon is about agent technology and its applications in
automation. Each session will start with a keynote speech, which will
give an overview about the session theme and relevant technologies and
applications. Then, following the keynote speech, other leading
researchers in the field will give 15 or 20 minutes presentation
depending on the number of speakers. The objective of this workshop is
to bring together researchers in the research area of agent technology
with applications in robotics and automation and establish a new
scientific and disciplinary foundation for robotics and automation.

Motivation and Objectives:

Agent technology has emerged as a salient solution for controlling and
modeling distributed and disparate systems which are fundamental issues
in the field of robotics and automation especially in the areas of
collaborative and cooperative multi‐robot systems, emergent behavior
modeling and development, optimized high‐level task deployment, and
flexible and agile manufacturing. Motivation for the need in higher
level control of robotic systems is indicative by its direct
application to immediate societal needs relating to disaster relief,
and search and rescue operations. The recent disastrous and tragic
events could have greatly benefited from having higher level control of
multi‐robot systems with rapid deployment capabilities. Topics for
this workshop will cover a broad range of fields from manufacturing to
mobile sensor networks. These topics will include agent‐based control
and modeling techniques for single robot and multi‐robot systems,
agent‐based robot architectural design, rapid deployment of
multi‐robotic systems, agent modeling for human‐robot interactions,
and data mining in multi‐robot systems, mobile sensor networks, and
flexible and agile manufacturing.

The use of agent technology and methodologies has attracted the
attention of an increasing number of researchers both in industry and
academia. The objective of this workshop is to bring together experts
from the fields of robotics and automation to disseminate the recent
advances made in the use of agent technology and methodologies in the
area of robotics and automation, discuss and explore future research
directions, and exchange application experience with respect to the
workshop theme.


  * Agent‐Based System Modeling
  * Agent‐Based Distributed Robotics
  * Agent‐Based Manufacturing Systems
  * Agent‐Based Collaborative Systems
  * Agent‐Based Multi‐Robot Systems
  * Agent‐Based Adaptive and Robust Controls
  * Agent‐Based Rapid Deployment
  * Agent‐Based Data mining
  * Agent‐Based Control Migration from Virtual to Physical Systems
  * Agent‐Based Data mining and knowledge discovery
  * Novel Agent‐Based Applications

Important Dates:

  * Submission Deadline           7-03-2011
  * Notification of Acceptance   21-03-2011
  * Workshop                     13-05-2011

Call for Papers:

We invite novel contributions in areas of agent technology applicable
to robotics and automation. Paper contributions will be published in
workshop proceedings. Contributions will be selected by the workshop
organizers, based on their quality and relevance to the workshop theme.
Both theoretical and applied papers are encouraged. Submission of
preliminary or informal work is also encouraged.  Papers should be in
PDF format and prepared following the ICRA11 final camera ready format
with a length of 2 to 8 pages. Paper contributions should be
submitted by email to: ssnestinger at wpi.edu


  Dr. Stephen Nestinger, Assistant Professor
  Robotics Engineering Program
  Mechanical Engineering Department
  Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  Email: ssnestinger at wpi.edu

  Dr. Harry H. Cheng, Professor
  Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  University of California, Davis
  Email: hhcheng at ucdavis.edu

  Dr. Stephen S. Nestinger, Assistant Professor
  Robotics Engineering Program
  Mechanical Engineering Department
  Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609
  Email: ssnestinger at wpi.edu

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