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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics
Volume 25, Number 11, 2011
Regular Issue

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Table of Contents

Realization of a Multiple Object Rearrangement Task with Two Multi-
Task Functional Robots
pp. 1365-1383(19)
Authors: Inoue, Reiko; Fujii, Norisuke; Takano, Ryunosuke; Ota, Jun

A Digital Input Shaper for Stable and Transparent Haptic Interaction
pp. 1385-1403(19)
Authors: Lim, Yo-An; Ryu, Jeha

Whole Body Motion Noise Cancellation of a Robot for Improved
Automatic Speech Recognition
pp. 1405-1426(22)
Authors: Ince, Goekhan; Nakadai, Kazuhiro; Rodemann, Tobias; Tsujino,
Hiroshi; Imura, Jun-Ichi

A General Framework for Planning Landmark-Based Motions for Mobile
pp. 1427-1450(24)
Authors: Malti, Abed C.; Taix, Michel; Lamiraux, Florent

Ceiling Beam Screw Removal Using a Robotic Manipulator
pp. 1451-1472(22)
Authors: Biggs, Geoffrey; Kotoku, Tetsuo; Tanikawa, Tamio

Adaptive Coupled Elastic Actuator Developed for Physical Human-Robot
pp. 1473-1491(19)
Authors: Kuan, Jiun-Yih; Huang, Tz-Hao; Huang, Han-Pang; Chen, Yen-

Multi-Sensory Motion Estimation and Control of an Autonomous Quadrotor
pp. 1493-1514(22)
Authors: Zhang, Tianguang; Li, Wei; Kuehnlenz, Kolja; Buss, Martin

Improved Control Strategy of 2-Sliding Controls Applied to a Flexible
Robot Arm
pp. 1515-1538(24)
Authors: Braikia, K.; Chettouh, M.; Tondu, B.; Acco, P.; Hamerlain, M.

Motion Purity of Robotic Mechanisms with Desired and Undesired Motions
pp. 1539-1556(18)
Authors: Bi, Z.M.; Kang, Bongsu

Mixed-Load Transportation Scheduling of Multiple Agents in a
Warehouse Environment
pp. 1557-1576(20)
Authors: Takano, Ryunosuke; Higashi, Toshimitsu; Tamura, Hirofumi;
Sugi, Masao; Ota, Jun

Effect of Scaling on the Performance and Stability of Teleoperation
Systems Interacting with Soft Environments
pp. 1577-1601(25)
Authors: Son, Hyoung Il; Bhattacharjee, Tapomayukh; Hashimoto, Hideki

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