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Wed Jun 15 04:03:09 PDT 2011

Call for Participation

Robotics: Science and Systems 2011 ALONE Workshop:
Autonomous Long-term Operation in Novel Environments

June 27th, 2011 (full day)
University of Southern California

On behalf of the organizers, it is my pleasure to invite members of the robotics community to attend the RSS 2011 ALONE workshop on long-term autonomy.  The workshop schedule will be posted online shortly.  Further details are available at: 



The majority of future robots will operate outside of the laboratory or the factory, performing tasks in challenging, dynamic environments.  In many situations, removal from service for maintenance or adjustment may be infeasible or impossible.  As such, these robots will need to function reliably and autonomously on time scales ranging from days to years.  Developing adaptive and flexible systems capable of this level of independence will require significant technical advances.

The aim of the ALONE workshop is to bring together researchers from a diverse range of sub-disciplines, to identify and discuss fundamental challenges related to long-term autonomous operation; focus will be given to robots working in particularly demanding locations, e.g., busy homes and offices, on existing road networks, underground, underwater, in space, and on remote planetary surfaces.  The workshop will feature short talks and panel discussions on a range of long-term autonomy topics.

Confirmed Speakers:

  Tim Barfoot         - University of Toronto
  Greg Dudek  	      - McGill University
  Hugh Durrant-Whyte  - NICTA
  Brian Gerkey        - Willow Garage
  Leo Hartman         - Canadian Space Agency
  Andrew Howard       - SpaceX
  Lionel Ott          - ACFR
  Salah Sukkarieh     - ACFR
  Chris Urmson        - CMU / Google


  Jonathan Kelly      - USC  (jonathsk at usc.edu)
  Paul Newman         - University of Oxford
  Sebastian Thrun     - Stanford University / Google

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