[robotics-worldwide] Call for Participation - RSS 2011 Workshop: Tutorial on 3D Point Cloud Processing: Point Cloud Library

Bastian Steder steder at informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Sun Jun 19 02:35:38 PDT 2011

Please consider to participate at the RSS 2011 Tutorial on 3D Point 
Cloud Processing: PCL (Point Cloud Library)

When: July 1, 2011

Where: Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) 2011, University of Southern 
California, in Los Angeles, California, USA., GFS 116

Organizers: Radu Bogdan Rusu (Willow Garage), Bastian Steder (University 
of Freiburg), Nico Blodow (Technical University of Munich), Dirk Holz 
(University of Bonn)

Short description:
With the advent of new, low-cost hardware such as OpenNI compatible 
cameras and continued efforts in advanced open source 3D point cloud 
processing, 3D perception gains more and more importance in robotics, as 
well as other fields. The workshop attempts to motivate new developers 
and ideas to delve into this subject by offering a tutorial on point 
cloud processing using the emerging Point Cloud Library (PCL), which 
presents an advanced and extensive approach to the subject, as well as 
providing an overview of existing systems applying these techniques. Our 
goal is to provide an excellent reference material for students and 
researchers interested in this subject and take our guests through a 
complete application demonstration (given live) that combines subjects 
such as filtering, feature estimation, segmentation, registration, 
object recognition and finally surface reconstruction. The tutorial will 
be held using OpenNI compatible sensors, so we encourage the audience to 
bring theirs so we can follow all the steps together. We're assembling a 
great list of invited speakers that will talk about the usage of PCL in 
their work and show impressive demos.

Please see http://www.pointclouds.org/media/rss2011.html for more 

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