[robotics-worldwide] PhD Thesis Proposal: Towards pick-and-place machines with very high accuracy and dynamics

Sebastien Krut sebastien.krut at lirmm.fr
Wed Jun 22 06:22:19 PDT 2011

*PhD Thesis Proposal*

Towards pick-and-place machines with very high accuracy and dynamics


High precision industries, such as semi-conductor industry, are in need 
of machines combining high accuracy and high throughput. To date this 
need has been covered mostly by standard equipment such as X-Y tables; 
however this approach is now reaching its limits in terms of maximum 
speed and acceleration. On the other hand, robots have been designed for 
pick-and-place industries which can reach very impressive accelerations 
but none of them have demonstrated enough accuracy to satisfy the 
semi-conductor industry requirements.

Indeed designers are facing two scientific and technological barriers: 
serial machines suffer from high inertias limiting their acceleration 
capability; parallel mechanisms suffer from poor stiffness limiting 
their accuracy.

This thesis aims at advancing those frontiers and will be developed in 
synergy between the ETEL Company (Switzerland) and LIRMM (France).

*Research approach*

At first the research work will be guided by generic needs coming from 
industrial applications. Starting from this, innovative concepts of 
kinematics, actuation systems, measurement and control strategies should 
be searched for. Modeling of various inaccuracy sources (joints, 
transmissions, vibrations, control, etc) should be carried out so that 
their impact on the global system can be clearly understood. In this 
research work, both mechanical design and control issues should be 
investigated. Along the project, assessment of results and proof of 
concepts should be made by designing and operating prototypes.


ETEL is the world's leading supplier for direct drive and motion systems 
with research, development and production facilities in Môtiers, 
Switzerland; LIRMM is a joint laboratory of Université Montpellier 2 and 
CNRS, and is installed in Montpellier, France. Research will be mostly 
done in Montpellier but frequent visits and stays in Môtiers are 
foreseen. Ph.D. dissertation shall be written in English to facilitate 
dissemination among ETEL employees.

Academic adviser will be Dr. François PIERROT 



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