[robotics-worldwide] Call for Participation: RSS Workshop on Grounding Human-Robot Dialog for Spatial Tasks

Stefanie Tellex stefie10 at csail.mit.edu
Wed Jun 22 08:42:26 PDT 2011

RSS Workshop on Grounding Human-Robot Dialog for Spatial Tasks

July 1, 2011 @ USC in Los Angeles, California (half day) in
conjunction with RSS (Robotics: Science and Systems) 2011

-- Website --


-- Description --

Unconstrained spoken language is an intuitive and flexible way for
humans to command robots to perform spatial tasks such as navigation
or manipulation. Dialog (i.e., conversational) interfaces offer a rich
way to establish common ground between a person and a robot, and hence
facilitate natural and flexible interaction. This workshop
specifically aims to bring together communities studying robotics,
natural language understanding, spatial cognition, and perception to
build powerful spatial dialog systems for robots. We aim to bridge the
gap between the theoretical understanding and practical application of
spatial language understanding, create and discuss shared datasets and
problems, and define key research problems and challenges.

-- Panelists --
Dieter Fox (University of Washington)
Hadas Kress-Gazit (Cornell University)
Alex Rudnicky (Carnegie Mellon University)
David Traum (USC Institute for Creative Technologies)

-- Organizers --
Thomas Kollar (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Stefanie Tellex (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Antoine Raux (Honda Research Institute)
Robert Ross (Dublin Institute of Technology)
Matthew Marge (Carnegie Mellon University)

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