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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics
Volume 25, Number 9-10, 2011
Regular Issues

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Table of Contents

Proposal of a Six-Legged Mini-Shovel and Its Mechanism Design and
Walking Analysis Based on Static Analysis and a Computer-Aided Design
Dynamic Model
pp. 1085-1113(29)
Authors: Huang, Qingjiu; Arihara, Hirotoshi; Kinugawa, Hideki;
Morikawa, Masaru

Walking Pattern Generation for a Biped Walking Robot Using
Convolution Sum
pp. 1115-1137(23)
Authors: Kima, Jung-Hoon; Choib, Jong Hyun; Choc, Baek-Kyu

An Oscillator Model That Enables Motion Stabilization and Motion
Exploration by Exploiting Multi-Rhythmicity
pp. 1139-1158(20)
Authors: Owaki, Dai; Ishida, Satoshi; Tero, Atsushi; Ito, Kentaro;
Nagasawa, Koh; Ishiguro, Akio

Shape Control of a Hyper-Redundant Arm for Planar Object Manipulation
pp. 1159-1181(23)
Authors: Jareanpon, Chatklaw; Maneewongvatana, Songrit; Maneewarn,

Self-Learning for a Humanoid Robotic Ping-Pong Player
pp. 1183-1208(26)
Authors: Lai, C.H.; Tsay, T. I. James

Online Balance Controllers for a Hopping and Running Humanoid Robot
pp. 1209-1225(17)
Authors: Cho, Baek-Kyu; Kim, Jung-Hoon; Oh, Jun-Ho

Robust RBPF-SLAM for Indoor Mobile Robots Using Sonar Sensors in Non-
Static Environments
pp. 1227-1248(22)
Authors: Lee, Jung-Suk; Nam, Sang Yep; Chung, Wan Kyun

Multi-Sensor-Based Control Strategy for Initiating and Maintaining
Interaction Between a Robot and a Human
pp. 1249-1270(22)
Authors: Ouadah, Noureddine; Cadenat, Viviane; Lerasle, Frederic;
Hamerlain, Mustapha; Germa, Thierry; Boudjema, Fares

Remote Tactile Transmission with Time Delay for Robotic Master-Slave
pp. 1271-1294(24)
Authors: Okamoto, S.; Konyo, M.; Maeno, T.; Tadokoro, S.

DeLiA: A New Redundant Partially Decoupled Robot
pp. 1295-1310(16)
Author: Gallardo-Alvarado, J.

Miniature Pneumatic Curling Rubber Actuator Generating Bidirectional
Motion with One Air-Supply Tube
pp. 1311-1330(20)
Authors: Wakimoto, Shuichi; Suzumori, Koichi; Ogura, Keiko

Solving Stiffness and Elastic Deformation of Two Limited-Degree-of-
Freedom Parallel Manipulators with a Constrained Leg Based on Active/
Constrained Wrench
pp. 1331-1348(18)
Authors: Hu, Bo; Lu, Yi; Zhang, Xiuli; Yu, Jianping

Two Tendon-Driven Systems Using Pneumatic Balloons
pp. 1349-1361(13)
Authors: Nagase, Jun-Ya; Saga, Norihiko

Development of a Compact Magnetorheological Fluid Clutch for Human-
Friendly Actuator
pp. 1362-1362(1)
Authors: Kikuchi, Takehito; Otsuki, Kikuko; Furusho, Junji; Abe,
Hiroya; Noma, Junichi; Naito, Makio; Lauzier, Nicolas

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