[robotics-worldwide] Release of RTK, an open-source robot simulator with research software from the LASA lab

Sauser Eric eric.sauser at epfl.ch
Wed Jun 29 22:48:13 PDT 2011

Dear colleagues,

The Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory (LASA-EPFL, http://lasa.epfl.ch)
is pleased to announce the initial beta release of RobotToolKit (RTK), an
open-source, lightweight 3D robot simulator. In addition, models of several
robots are provided: Barrett WAM arm (and some tools), the upper part of
the iCub robot, and the Hoap-3 robot. In particular, a "plug-and-play"
interface to the real Barrett WAM arm is also provided as a package. 
It allows almost seamless integration of the code on the real robot. 
The code is written in C++, runs on Linux and is released under the 
GPL license.

In addition to the simulator, at the LASA laboratory, we are committed to
publish the source code of our research projects. The research work
developed using RobotToolKit will be constantly be provided as software 
packages, for you to try and test the algorithms developed in our laboratory.

To start, you can get your personal copy here:

Some features specific to the simulator:
- Fully open-source C++ code
- Physics simulation and real-time 3D rendering
- Customizable environment and robots
- Modular architecture for programming robot controllers and objects' behaviors
- Robot models: Barrett WAM Arm, iCub, Fujitsu's Hoap-3
- Plug-n-play interface to real platforms: Barrett WAM Arm, 
  the interface to the iCub is currently under development
- Example codes
- Research packages of the work done at LASA-EPFL
- And many more...

In order to get the latest version of RTK, and our research packages,
please visit: http://lasa.epfl.ch/RobotToolKit/

Of course, if you plan and develop software packages for RTK, we will be
pleased to include them into the repository.

All your comments are welcome. For those related to the research packages,
please contact their authors directly. For questions and comments
related to the simulator, I will be happy to get back to you.

With my best regards,

Eric Sauser

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