[robotics-worldwide] Post-doc positions at MIT robotics lab (Biomimetic Robotics lab and Robotic Mobility Group)

Sangbae Kim sangbae at mit.edu
Wed Mar 2 21:45:59 PST 2011


 We are looking for candidates for two robotics post-doctoral position at

1. Medical device design (Biomimetic Robotics lab and Robotic Mobility

Area: Medical device design. Precision machine design. Tunable stiffness
joint. Cable driven actuation
Brief Description: We are looking for a postdoc candidate interested in
meso/micro-scale machine design for surgical robotics. The task is to design
and fabricate a miniature multi-joint structure with switchable joint
stiffness. Mechanism prototype skill is essential for this position. Medical
device design experience will be a plus.

How to apply: Send email to sangbae at mit.edu, kdi at mit.edu with a CV and a
design portfolio or any equivalent documents. A list of references is

2. System integrator/Bionic structure design   (Biomimetic Robotics lab)

Area: Mechatronics, system integration, embedded sensor development,
Multi-material fabrication, Mechanical design.
Brief Description: MIT Biomimetics Lab is looking for a post-doc candidate
interested in a multi-DOF large scale mechatronic system or/and the
multi-material fabrication. The candidate should have either 1)a strong
expertise on both hardware and software. Extensive LabVIEW experience will
be strongly encouraged or 2) extensive design skill and experience in
multi-material fabrication (i.g. SDM) for embedded sensors and bionic
structure where soft material, tendon material, and bone materials are
synergistically integrated.
How to apply: Send email to sangbae at mit.edu, with a CV and any links or
description of previous project experience.

Sangbae Kim, Ph.D
Assistant professor
Biomimetic robotics lab
Massachusetts institute of Technology

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