[robotics-worldwide] Robotics-related Summer 2011 Internship with Samsung R&D San Jose

Daniel Waddington d.waddington at samsung.com
Fri Mar 4 08:48:34 PST 2011

Samsung R&D, Computer Science Lab located in San Jose, CA, is currently
recruiting summer interns in the area of real-time robotics controlled by
multicore and manycore processors.



The Systems Research Group, within the Samsung R&D Computer Science Lab, is
developing advanced software technologies for next generation manycore and
multiprocessor environments.  Our current focus is on developing an
integrated operating system and parallel programming solution that scales
across a range of platforms from sensors to servers.  


As part of this work we would like to demonstrate multicore scalability, as
well as real-time and QoS-based performance benefits of our solution within
the context of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).  Our currently defined vision
is to demonstrate some compute-intensive robotic and/or sensor task that can
only be accomplished with strict separation of CPU, memory, and I/O access
and allocation.  


The internship will center on building this proof-of-concept demonstration
and working with the current team to realize the concept.  This is an
excellent opportunity for participation in state-of-the-art research and
technology development with the world's largest consumer electronics company
- striving for technical excellence and thought leadership.


Duties and Responsibilities:  

.         Develop ideas around building a proof-of-concept robotics
demonstration that illustrates the benefits of our new operating system
technology within the field of CPS.  

.         Specify and source H/W and S/W needs for the project within

.         Develop initial prototype implementation on the L4 Fiasco.OC
microkernel platform using x86 or Intel Atom microprocessors.

.         Document the design and implementation of the prototype.


Necessary Skills/Attributes:

.         Currently enrolled in a relevant M.Sc. or Ph.D.

.         Candidate should be conducting research in one or more of these
areas:  robotics systems, artificial intelligence in embedded systems,
sensor device and sensor coordination, real-time embedded systems.

.         Experience developing robotic systems.

.         Hands-on experience with C/C++ and Linux-based development.

.         Hands-on experience with device driver development and low-level
systems control.

.         A basic understanding of microkernels and monolithic OS design.


Desirable Skills/Attributes:

.         Experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

.         Experience developing real-time control systems.


Interested candidates should send their resumes and contact details to Dr.
Daniel Waddington - d.waddington at samsung.com



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