[robotics-worldwide] Call for Submissions: IROS "50 Years of Robotics" Symposium on Robot Motion Planning

Maxim Likhachev maxim at cs.cmu.edu
Sun Mar 6 21:23:50 PST 2011

Call for Papers: IROS "50 Years of Robotics" Symposium on Robot Motion 
Planning: Achievements and Emerging Approaches

Deadline: March 14, 2011

IROS 2011 will feature a series of special symposia to celebrate the 
achievements of the last fifty years of robotics and to articulate a 
vision for the future of the field. We were invited to organize a special 
symposium on "Robot Motion Planning: Achievements and Emerging 
Approaches." The symposium will begin with a keynote talk by Tomas 
Lozano-Perez from MIT and will then feature a series of papers on new 
directions in motion planning.

The last 50 years of robotics have seen tremendous advances in motion 
planning for mobile ground robots, aerial vehicles, medical robots, mobile 
manipulation platforms, and in domains such as structural biology and 
computer animation. Yet, adoption of motion planning methods in robotic 
systems fielded in the real world has been limited. In this symposium, we 
will explore and discuss key achievements in the field of motion planning 
as well as emerging approaches for planning robot motions in new 
real-world contexts.

If you are interested in submitting a paper to this symposium, please 
contact either Ron Alterovitz <ron at cs.unc.edu> or Maxim Likhachev 
<maxim at cs.cmu.edu> for more information and submission instructions. 
Please note that all submissions for this symposium must be submitted via 
PaperPlaza, will go through the standard IROS review process, and will 
appear on IEEE Xplore as regular, refereed IROS papers.

We look forward to bringing together members of the motion planning 
community to discuss both accomplishments in the field and emerging 

Best regards,

Ron Alterovitz, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Maxim Likhachev, Carnegie Mellon University

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