[robotics-worldwide] ihmc robotics lab: summer internship

Brooke Layton blayton at ihmc.us
Thu Mar 10 12:55:46 PST 2011

Summer Internship

Seeking talented Summer Interns to be part of the IHMC Robotics team to develop software tools and techniques for controlling humanoid walking robots and other projects. 

Requirements: Currently pursing a Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, or related field and are interested in the dynamics and control of walking. Applicants must possess strong programming skills as well as strong oral and written communication skills (e.g. the ability to communicate complex concepts clearly and succinctly) and must be capable of working in a tightly coupled team environment. Knowledge of, or a desire to learn, Java and agile programming techniques is required. Preferred applicant will have knowledge of robot dynamics, modeling, and control.

Immediate openings. Salary Negotiable.  

Email  robotjobs at ihmc.us the following:  

Resume with references;  
Web link to any relevant projects you have been involved in;  
A one-page summary describing a robotics problem, how you would write a program to solve it, what would the solution be, how would you implement it, what challenges you might face, and how would you overcome them.
Brooke Layton

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