[robotics-worldwide] Robotica 29(3) May 2011 Contents

Gregory S Chirikjian gchirik1 at jhu.edu
Fri Mar 11 13:42:17 PST 2011


Below please find the contents of Robotica  Volume 29 Part 3 May 2011.


Greg Chirikjian
Editor, Robotica
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

Formation control and trajectory tracking of mobile robotic systems – a
Linear Algebra approach, Andrés Rosales, Gustavo Scaglia, Vicente Mut
and Fernando di Sciascio

Efficient dynamic bipedal walking using effects of semicircular feet,
Fumihiko Asano and Zhi-Wei Luo

Psychophysiological responses to different levels of cognitive and physical
workload in haptic interaction, Domen Novak, Matjazˇ Mihelj
and Marko Munih

A closed-form algorithm for the least-squares trilateration problem, Yu
Zhou 375

Adaptive trajectory tracking control of a differential drive wheeled mobile
robot, Khoshnam Shojaei, Alireza Mohammad Shahri, Ahmadreza Tarakameh
and Behzad Tabibian

Constrained motion planning for open-chain industrial robots,
Gianluca Antonelli, Cataldo Curatella and Alessandro Marino

Validating extended neglect tolerance model for human robot interactions
in humanoid soccer robots, R. E. Mohan, W. S. Wijesoma, C. A. A. Calderon
and C. J. Zhou

Incorporating verbal feedback into a robot-assisted rehabilitation system,
Duygun Erol Barkana, Jadav Das, Furui Wang, Thomas E. Groomes
and Nilanjan Sarkar

Numerical synthesis of three-dimensional gait cycles by dynamics
optimization, Tarik Saidouni

Modelling and control of manipulators with flexible links working on land
and underwater environments, Levent Gümüs¸el and Nurhan Gürsel Özmen

A numerical control algorithm for navigation of an operator-driven
snake-like robot with 4WD-4WS segments, Andrew Percy, Ian Spark, Yousef Ibrahim
and Leon Hardy

The joint velocity, torque, and power capability evaluation of a redundant
parallel manipulator, Yongjie Zhao and Feng Gao

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