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To: members of the robotics-worldwide listserv:

Please share the announcement below with the robotics community. All aspects
of robot design would be within the scope of the conference (except for the
mechanical engineering topics).

Thank you, Organizing Committee

                     CALL  FOR  PAPERS
          Paper Submission Deadline: March 31, 2011

             The 2011 International Conference on
                    Artificial Intelligence

              July 18-21, 2011, Las Vegas, USA

This is the 13th annual offering of ICAI conference.
You are invited to submit a full paper for consideration. All accepted
papers will be published in the respective conference proceedings. The
proceedings will be indexed in Inspec / IET / The Institute for
Engineering & Technology, DBLP / Computer Science Bibliography, and
others.) In the past, all tracks of this federated conference have
also been included in EI Compendex/Elsevier. Like prior years, extended
versions of selected papers will appear in journals and edited research
books (a large number of book projects and journal special issues are
in the pipeline: Springer, Elsevier, BMC journals, ...)

SCOPE: Topics of interest (as they relate to Robotics):

O  Brain models / cognitive science (cognitive robotics)
O  Anthrobotics
O  Behavior-based robotics
O  Epigenetic robotics
O  Human robot interaction
O  Microrobotics / Nanorobotics
O  Robotic surgery (remote / assisted)
O  Software tools for development phase of robot systems
O  Expert systems
O  Decision support systems
O  Automated problem solving
O  Knowledge discovery
O  Intelligent agents and robotics
O  Reasoning strategies
O  Distributed AI systems and architectures for handling teams/groups
   of robots (including Intelligent information fusion)
O  Learning and adaptive sensor fusion
O  Emerging technologies
O  Applications (including: computer vision, signal processing,
   military, surveillance, medicine, pattern recognition,
   education, emerging applications, ...)

O  Workshop on Machine Learning; Models, Technologies and Applications:

   - General Machine Learning Theory
     . Statistical learning theory
     . Unsupervised and Supervised Learning
     . Hierarchical learning models
     . Neural networks
     . Reinforcement learning
     . Decision making
     . Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods
     . Non-parametric methods
     . Ant colony optimization
     . Time series prediction
     . Fuzzy logic and learning
     . Inductive learning and applications

   - Machine Learning Applications
     . Computational Intelligence
     . Knowledge acquisition and discovery techniques
     . Computational vision
     . Biostatistics
     . Graph-based models in biostatistics
     . Computational Neuroscience
     . emerging ML technologies for robotics applications


The DBLP list of accepted papers of ICAI 2010 is at:
The main web site of ICAI'11 is at:


March 31, 2011:    Submission of papers (about 5 to 7 pages)
April 20, 2011:    Notification of acceptance (+/- 6 days)
May 7, 2011:       Final papers + Copyright/Consent + Registration
July 18-21, 2011:  The 2011 International Conference on Artificial
                   Intelligence (ICAI'11)


Currently being prepared - The Academic sponsors of the last offering
of ICAI (2010) included research labs and centers affiliated
with (a partial list): University of California, Berkeley; University
of Southern California; University of Texas at Austin; Harvard
University, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Georgia Institute of Technology,
Georgia; Emory University, Georgia; University of Minnesota;
University of Iowa; University of North Dakota; NDSU-CIIT Green
Computing & Comm. Lab.; University of Siegen, Germany; UMIT, Austria;
SECLAB (University of Naples Federico II + University of Naples
Parthenope + Second University of Naples, Italy); National Institute
for Health Research; World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and
Technologies; Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia; International
Society of Intelligent Biological Medicine (ISIBM); The International
Council on Medical and Care Compunetics; Eastern Virginia Medical
School & the American College of Surgeons, USA.


Prospective authors are invited to submit their papers by uploading
them to the evaluation web site at:  http://world-comp.org
Submissions must be uploaded by March 31, 2011 and they must be
in either MS doc (but not docx) or pdf formats (about 5 to 7
pages - single space, font size of 10 to 12). All reasonable
typesetting formats are acceptable (later, the authors of accepted
papers will be asked to follow a particular typesetting format to
prepare their final papers for publication.) Papers must not have
been previously published or currently submitted for publication
The first page of the paper should include: title of the paper,
name, affiliation, postal address, and email address for each
author. The first page should also identify the name of the Contact
Author and a maximum of 5 topical keywords that would best
represent the content of the paper. Finally, the name of the
conference (ie, ICAI) that the paper is being submitted for
consideration must be stated on the first page.

The length of the final/Camera-Ready papers (if accepted) will be
limited to 7 (two-column IEEE style) pages.

Each paper will be peer-reviewed by two experts in the field for
originality, significance, clarity, impact, and soundness. In cases
of contradictory recommendations, a member of the conference
program committee will be charged to make the final decision
(accept/reject) - often, this would involve seeking help from
additional referees by using a double-blinded review process. In
addition, all papers whose authors included a member of the
conference program committee will be evaluated using the
double-blinded review process. (Essay/philosophical papers will
not be refereed but may be considered for discussion/panels).


Ashu M. G. Solo
BCS Fellow (British Computer Society)
Principal/R&D Engineer, Maverick Technologies America Inc.
Intelligent Systems Instructor, Trailblazer Intelligent Systems, Inc.

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