[robotics-worldwide] 3 PhD Positions at the AASS Learning Systems Lab

Achim J. Lilienthal achim.lilienthal at oru.se
Tue Mar 15 12:29:24 PDT 2011

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**  3 PhD Positions available at AASS, Örebro University, Sweden  **

We are looking for three PhD candidates at the AASS Learning Systems Lab
of Örebro University, Sweden. The respective positions will address the
following topics:

(1) Active 3D Perception for a Robot Unloading Containers

Research in this project can include fusion of visual and 3D range
information (RGB-D sensing), feature-based object detection, concepts
for active sensing, modelling shape deformations, and integration into a
compact, semantic 3D world model. State-of-the-art range sensors are
available for the work, including novel TOF cameras and, of course, the
Kinect sensor.

[Full call at

(2) Hybrid Automatic Planning for a Robot Unloading Containers

The aim of this PhD project will be on fast generation of safe and
reliable sequences of actions to unload objects of different types,
shapes, and weights from a container using a specialized robotic arm.
Specific research questions may include exploration of suitable
representations for symbolic and sub-symbolic constraints in a unified
framework, fast planning of trajectories based on the hybrid
representation, and reasoning about uncertainty in the perceptual
knowledge about the objects to manipulate.

[Full call at

(3) Safe and Flexible Navigation for Long-Term Operation of Professional
Service Robots in Dynamic Environments

Research in this project can address new self-localization methods for
robust long-term operation of autonomous vehicles in dynamic
environments; methods for smooth, collision-free navigation at high
speeds in the presence of static and moving objects; detection and
tracking humans; efficient path planning using traffic rule information;
and execution monitoring under consideration of traffic rules.

[Full call at

In addition to interest in the topic, a strong theoretical background
and solid programming skills, applicants should have the equivalent of a
Masters degree in an appropriate field (including Computer Science,
Robotics, Electrical Engineering, Physics and Applied Mathematics, for
example). Proficiency in written/spoken English is mandatory.

Detailed information can be found at


Application deadline is April 15, 2011.

About the working place:
Örebro University (www.oru.se <http://www.oru.se>) currently enrolls
about 18,000 students.  It is located in Örebro, a city of 130,000
inhabitants situated in central Sweden (www.orebro.se

The Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems at Orebro University
(AASS) carries out multi-disciplinary research at the intersection of
robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision,
computer science, and measurement technology. The research and human
environment at AASS is young and enthusiastic. Researchers come from a
dozen different countries and have different scientific and cultural
backgrounds. AASS also frequently hosts international researchers and is
involved in several international projects. This means that enrolled PhD
students will have the opportunity to travel and to cooperate with
people in other countries.

The AASS Learning Systems Lab (www.aass.oru.se/Research/Learning
<http://www.aass.oru.se/Research/Learning>) is a research group within
AASS. Our research is generally focussed on the development of
algorithms and robotic/sensor systems for real-world tasks. Major
directions are Professional Service Robots for Autonomous
Transportation, 3D Vision, Mobile Robot Olfaction, and Tactile
Exploration. Further information can be found at
http://aass.oru.se/Research/Learning/. Currently, the Learning Systems
Lab has a staff of 8 PhD students, 9 post-docs and one associate professor.

Achim J. Lilienthal
Head of AASS Learning Systems Lab
School of Science and Technology,
Örebro University,
70182 Örebro, Sweden
Email: achim.lilienthal at oru.se
Tel: +46 19 30 3602
Fax: +46 19 30 3463
WWW: www.aass.oru.se/Research/Learning/amll.html

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