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Fri Mar 18 15:54:15 PDT 2011

Dear Moderator,


I would appreciate if you could post the following call for papers
announcement, which would be beneficial to robotics society.



Selahattin Ozcelik, Ph. D.
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Dear Colleagues,

We are living in an integrated global society that depends on complex,
distributed engineering systems that adapt to the dynamically changing needs
of society. These emerging systems are distributed and nonlinear, global and
adaptive to their environment in both time and space and create emergent
behaviors. This year we are launching the Complex Adaptive Systems
conference series that builds on the success of the ANNIE conferences during
the last 20 years. 

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to invite you to submit
an abstract and paper for participation in the Complex Adaptive Systems
Conference, to be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA, on Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2011.

qSny%2fP8Dg%3d%3d> Topics of Interest

Complex Systems

*	Complex Systems Modeling and Design 
*	Management of Complexity 
*	Systems Behavior Modeling 
*	Sustainability and Complexity 
*	Validating Complex Systems 
*	Emergent System Behavior 
*	System of Systems 

Complex Sensor Data Analysis 

*	Sensor and Data Fusion
*	Clustering and Classification
*	Symbolic Data Analysis
*	Fuzzy Data Analysis 
*	Autonomous Decision Making

Computational Intelligence 
and Machine Learning

*	Evolutionary Computation
*	Artificial Life 
*	Computational Intelligence 
*	Machine Learning 
*	Self Organization

Energy and Environmental Sustainability

*	Energy Systems 
*	Diagnostic and Prognostic Systems 
*	Environmental Systems 
*	Robust Infrastructure Systems 
*	Dynamic Transportation 
*	Model Based Engineering 
*	Smart Grid Design 

Modern and Biologically 
Inspired Paradigm

*	Agent Based Systems 
*	Artificial Immune Systems
*	Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 
*	Bioengineering Systems 
*	Biologically Inspired Robotics 
*	Intelligent Control and Robots 
*	Swarm Intelligence

Sensor Networks and 
Distributed Computation

*	Distributed Systems
*	Adaptive Wireless Sensor Networks
*	Multi-Media Communications Networks
*	Intelligent Wireless Sensor Networks 
*	Robust Sensors

Electronic submission is available at http://complexsystems.mst.edu/
lcmGFYmPBjfZA%3d%3d> . 

All submitted papers will be reviewed by senior researchers in the field to
assure a high-quality publication and conference. All accepted papers will
be published in peer reviewed conference proceedings and cited in citation
index such as Scopus.

Please submit your abstract by April 29, 2011, and your full paper by May
27, 2011. For more details and to submit your abstract, please go online to
lcmGFYmPBjfZA%3d%3d> . 

Feel free to contact the Complex Adaptive Systems Office at 573-341-6576 or
by email at complexsystems at mst.edu
<mailto:complexsystems at mst.edu?subject=Call%20for%20Papers> , or a
conference organizer for further details.  

I look forward to receiving your submissions and to seeing you Oct. 31 -
Nov. 2, 2011, in Chicago, Illinois USA. 


Cihan H. Dagli, Ph.D.
Conference Chairman <mailto:dagli at mst.edu?subject=Call%20for%20Papers> 
dagli at mst.edu
(573) 647-9125 

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