[robotics-worldwide] CFP: AAAI Robot Chess Manipulation Challenge

Mike Stilman mstilman at cc.gatech.edu
Sat Mar 19 09:01:59 PDT 2011

Small-Scale Robot Manipulation Challenge:  ROBOT CHESS

When: August 7-11

Where: AAAI 2011 San Francisco

Website: http://chiara-robot.org/Challenge/
(Including Videos from 2010 Chess Competition)

Fourteen years ago Deep Blue defeated the world chess champion. Yet, it 
was humans moving the pieces! Fine, dexterous manipulation in uncertain 
environments remains an open challenge for robotics. Motivated by this 
challenge we invite roboticists to face off in the 2nd Robot Chess 
Competition. Winning teams will be the ones that shows the greatest skill 
at perceiving the world state, successfully manipulating chess pieces and 
recovering from real-world interference and uncertainty.

The AAAI-2011 Small-Scale Manipulation Challenge focuses on perception and 
dextrous manipulation of small, light-weight objects, so that robots of 
any size can compete. This year the domain will again be chess. There will 
be two divisions: a mobile manipulation division for robots that can 
navigate on a tabletop, and an unlimited division for fixed-base arms and 
human-scale mobile platforms.

Qualification materials are due April 15, 2011.

These consist of a two page abstract describing the robot platform and 
technical approach being used, and a brief video demonstrating that the 
robot is able to move a chess piece.

Interested groups: Please contact the organizers any time to discuss your 
plans and proposed platforms. We are looking to make this an exciting 

David S. Touretzky (Carnegie Mellon University) (dst at cs.cmu.edu)
Mike Stilman (Georgia Institute of Technology) (mstilman at cc.gatech.edu)

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