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The Official International Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan
Advanced Robotics
Volume 25, Number 5, 2011
Physical Human-Robot Interaction through Force Interface

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Table of Contents

pp. 511-512(2)
Authors: Ott, Christian; Nenchev, Dragomir

Safe and Compliant Guidance by a Powered Knee Exoskeleton for Robot-
Assisted Rehabilitation of Gait
pp. 513-535(23)
Authors: Beyl, P.; Knaepen, K.; Duerinck, S.; Van Damme, M.;
Vanderborght, B.; Meeusen, R.; Lefeber, D.

Effects of Impedance Reduction of a Robot for Wrist Rehabilitation on
Human Motor Strategies in Healthy Subjects during Pointing Tasks
pp. 537-562(26)
Authors: Tagliamonte, Nevio Luigi; Scorcia, Maria; Formica, Domenico;
Campolo, Domenico; Guglielmelli, Eugenio

Fast Reinforcement Learning for Three-Dimensional Kinetic Human-Robot
Cooperation with an EMG-to-Activation Model
pp. 563-580(18)
Authors: Tamei, Tomoya; Shibata, Tomohiro

Imitation Learning of Positional and Force Skills Demonstrated via
Kinesthetic Teaching and Haptic Input
pp. 581-603(23)
Authors: Kormushev, Petar; Calinon, Sylvain; Caldwell, Darwin G.

A Direct Physical Interface for Navigation and Positioning of a
Robotic Nursing Assistant pp. 605-627(23)
Authors: Chen, Tiffany L.; Kemp, Charles C.

On the Ability of Humans to Apply Controlled Forces to Admittance-
Type Devices pp. 629-650(22)
Authors: Nambi, Manikantan; Provancher, William R.; Abbott, Jake J.

Performance Analysis of a Haptic Telemanipulation Task under Time
Delay pp. 651-673(23)
Authors: Yip, Michael C.; Tavakoli, Mahdi; Howe, Robert D.

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