[robotics-worldwide] ICRA 2011 Workshop on Manipulation Under Uncertainty: Schedule and Call for Participation

Matei Ciocarlie matei at willowgarage.com
Wed May 4 09:34:50 PDT 2011

Call for Participation

ICRA 2011 Workshop on Manipulation Under Uncertainty
Shanghai, China

Time: Friday, May 13th, full-day. Location: Room 5H.

The organizers invite you to attend the ICRA 2011 Workshop on
Manipulation Under Uncertainty. This full-day workshop will consist of
two contributed paper sessions and six invited speakers. In order to
encourage discussion and exchange of ideas between participants, all
contributed papers will be introduced from the podium and then
presented in a poster session format, giving attendees the chance to
directly interact with the presenters.

Schedule at a glance:

8:45    Welcome
9:00    Invited talk: Prof. Kamal Gupta, "Motion Planning with
Localization and Map Uncertainties for Mobile Manipulation"
9:40    Invited talk: Prof. Jeff Trinkle, "The Application of Particle
Filtering to Grasping Acquisition with Visual Occlusion and Tactile
10:20  Invited talk: Prof. Matt Mason, "Grasp Invariance"
11:00  Podium poster introductions for Session 1
11:15  Contributed papers: Poster Session 1

12:00  Lunch break

1:30    Invited talk: Prof. Joris De Schutter, "A Model-Based Approach
for Manipulation under Uncertainty"
2:10    Invited talk: Prof. Aaron Dollar, "Underactuated Hand
Mechanisms Allow for Passive Adaptability to Uncertainty"
2:50    Invited talk: Prof. Pieter Abbeel, "Towards Robotic Laundry"
3:30    Podium poster introductions for Session 2
3:45    Contributed papers: Poster Session 2
4:30    Plenary discussion
5:00    Wrap-up

Contributed Papers

o Session 1
  * Lillian Chang and Nancy Pollard. "Posture optimization for
Pre-grasp Interaction Planning"
  * Yasemin Bekiroglu, Renaud Detry and Danica Kragic, "Joint
observation of object Pose and Tactile Imprints for online Grasp
Stability Assessment"
  * Juergen Hess, Juergen Sturm and Wolfram Burgard. "Learning the
State Transition Function to Efficiently Clean Surfaces with Mobile
Manipulation Robots"
  * Wendelin Feiten and Muriel Lang. "MPG - A Framework for Reasoning
on 6 DoF Pose Uncertainty"
  * Javier Felip, Jose Bernabe and Antonio Morales. "Emptying the Box
Using Blind Haptic Manipulation Primitives"
  * Robert Platt, Leslie Kaelbling, Tomas Lozano-Perez, and Russ
Tedrake. "Simultaneous Localization and Grasping Using Belief Space
Planning" (invited poster)

o Session 2
  * Janne Laaksonen and Ville Kyrki. "Probabilistic Approach to
Sensor-based Grasping"
  * Carl Henrik Ek, Dan Song and Danica Kragic. "Learning Conditional
Structures in Graphical Models from a Large Set of observation Streams
through efficient Discretisation"
  * G. Gioioso, G. Salvietti, M. Malvezzi and D. Prattichizzo.
"Mapping Synergies from Human to Robotic Hands with Dissimilar
Kinematics: An object Based Approach"
  * Mehmet R. Dogar and Siddhartha S. Srinivasa. "A Framework for
Push-Grasping in Clutter"
  * T. Wimboeck, M. Grebenstein, M. Chalon, W. Friedl, Ch. ott, A.
Albu-Schaeffer and Gerd Hirzinger. "From Actively Impedance Controlled
Light-weight Robot Hands to Intrinsically Compliant Systems"
  * Stefanie Tellex, Thomas Kollar, Steven Dickerson, Matthew R.
Walter, Ashis Gopal Banerjee, Seth Teller and Nicholas Roy.
"Interpreting Robotic Mobile Manipulation Commands Expressed in
Natural Language"

For more details, the list of contributed papers, and invited talk
abstracts, please see the workshop website at

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