[robotics-worldwide] Call for Participation: ICRA 2011 Workshop on Longterm Autonomy (corrected schedule)

Gabe Sibley gabe.sibley at gmail.com
Thu May 5 11:15:01 PDT 2011

Call for Participation

ICRA 2011 Workshop on Longterm Autonomy

Shanghai, China
Time: Monday, May 9th full-day
Location: Session Room 3G, Shanghai International Convention Center.

The state-of-the-art in mobile robot autonomy has begun to show
convincing results in large-scale environments. Google's autonomous
vehicles, the DARPA Grand Challenge, Mars Exploration Rovers, Willow
Garage PR2 demos, long-range visual-teach-and-repeat systems, and
Atlantic-Ocean crossing AUVs are only some of the examples of the
increasing maturity of the field. However with these successes, new
challenges are emerging related to robust longterm operation and
lifelong learning.  This workshop hopes to crystallize and identify
key issues and challenges as robotic systems operate in increasingly
large-scale environments and over extensive periods of time.

Schedule and Titles:
9:00-9:25: Thierry Peynot, ACFR, Persistent Perception for Long-term
Autonomy of Ground Vehicles
9:25-9:50: Matthias Hentschel, University of Hannover, An Adaptive
Memory Model for Long-Term Navigation of Autonomous Mobile Robots
9:50-10:15: Cesar Cadena, University of Zaragoza, A Learning Algorithm
for Place Recognition

10:15-10:45: Discussion & Coffee Break

10:45-11:10: Wim Meeussen, Willow Garage, Long Term Autonomy in Office
11:10-11:35: Michael J. Milford, Queensland University of Technology,
A Two Week Persistent Navigation and Mapping Experiment using RatSLAM:
Insights and Current Developments
11:35-12:00: Tim Barfoot, University of Toronto, Exploiting Reusable
Paths in Mobile Robotics: Benefits and Challenges for Long-term

12:00-2:00: Lunch Break

2:00-2:25: Nathaniel Fairfield, Google, Self-Driving Vehicles at Google
2:25-2:50: Bradford Neuman, CMU, Anytime Online Novelty and Change
Detection for Mobile Robots
2:50-3:15: Larry Matthies, NASA-JPL, Seven Years on Solar Power:
Experience with Mars Rover Operations and Autonomy

3:15-3:45: Discussion & Coffee Break

3:45-4:05: Edwin Olson, University of Michigan, The MAGIC Robotics
Competition and the Challenges of 50 Robot-hours of Supervised
4:05-4:25: Rohan Paul, University of Oxford, Self Help: Seeking Out
Perplexing Images for Ever Improving Navigation
4:25-4:45: Michael Kaess, MIT, Towards Life-long Mapping and Navigation

Gabe Sibley
Paul Newman
Brian Gerkey

Dr Gabe Sibley

Mobile Robotics Research Group
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