[robotics-worldwide] Call for White Papers: Workshop on JST-NSF Collaborative Research on Cognitive Robotics

Stefan Schaal sschaal at usc.edu
Thu May 5 13:44:43 PDT 2011

Dear Colleague(s),

on Oct. 7-9, 2011, the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)  and the National Science Foundation (NSF) will organize a workshop in Tokyo on US-Japan collaborative research in the area of Cognitive Robotics, which is broadly standing for fundamental and applied research for advancing autonomous robotics for a robotics-aided better quality of life. The workshop will bring together US-Japan collaborative research teams in order to discuss and shape important areas of research that should receive funding by both NSF and JST in the future.

In this “Call for White Papers”, we are soliciting proposals from US-Japan teams who would like to attend this workshop. Discount travel expenses for attending the workshop for one US and one Japanese team member will be covered jointly by JST and NSF. A white paper should:

- be restricted to a maximum of 5 pages (1 inch (2.5cm) left/right/top/down margin, 
 12pt font (Times,Palatino, or similar), single spaced);

- propose a US-Japanese collaborative team, with a clear statement of the interest of each member of the team,   
 the role/expertise of each team member, and previous collaborations and results, if applicable;

- outline a research agenda relevant to Cognitive Robotics and its societal relevance;

- explain why a US-Japan collaborative funding would be more than just national funding to each of 
 the individual teams;

- explain the mechanisms of collaborative research.

Time Line:

May  31, 2011 : Due date for White Papers
June 30, 2011 : Notification for accept/decline of White Papers
July 15, 2011 : Final workshop program
Oct. 7-9,2011 : Workshop in Japan

Inquiries concerning this call for white papers can be sent to:

nsf-jst-robotics-workshop2011 at duerer.usc.edu  (for general inquiries)
sicpusa at jst.go.jp                             (for JST specific inquiries)

Submissions of white papers need to be emailed as a single PDF file before or on May 31, 2011 (local time) to:

nsf-jst-robotics-workshop2011 at duerer.usc.edu

Best wishes,

Kazuhiro Kosuge (Coordinator for Japan)
Geng Tu         (JST Program Manager)
Stefan Schaal   (Coordinator for US)
Tom Henderson   (NSF Program Manager)

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