[robotics-worldwide] Announcement from ROBOTAD

Y. Nakamura yoshi.nakamura at kve.biglobe.ne.jp
Sun May 8 11:08:22 PDT 2011

(1) Official English blog of ROBOTAD is now open.
    http://roboticstaskforce2.wordpress.com (English)
    http://roboticstaskforce.wordpress.com (Japanese)

(2) IEEE ICRA2011, Shanghai, China, hosts ICRA Special Forum
    "Preliminary Report on the Disaster and Robotics in Japan”
    Day/Time: 11.20am-12.40pm (Shanghai), May 11th (Wednesday), 2011

(3) ICRA Special Forum to be on-air via USTREAM
    (Check for more detail at the official blog of ROBOTAD and
     @roboticsTF on twitter. Note that the broadcast depends on
     the internet access of the conference site.)

The Robotics Task Force for Anti-Disaster (ROBOTAD) is a community of
volunteers in Japan who gather to exchange and discuss the issues of
technology, application, and management to utilize robotics toward
recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Fukushima Nuclear
Power Plant Disaster. The ROBOTAD is a hyper-academic organization and
tightly liaises with academic societies, the Science Council of Japan,
and the industry. The ROBOTAD is chaired by Professor Hajime Asama, the
University of Tokyo.

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